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Burotics Simply Product Management for Smartphones


To Create a product catalogue with photographs on your smart phone. Have inventory,pricing,discount and publicity instantly. English and French.
Burotic Mobile S3 (Product Catalogue) can be a completely autonomous or integrated module that will allow you to create a product catalogue with photographs on your mobile. Ideal for technicians to easily make technical notes on products during their service calls.

The Product database integrates automatically with the other modules of Burotic. Many functions such as short and long descriptions, technical information, prices, quantities in stock, advertising data and research and advanced selections criteria,( product codes, serial numbers prices, quantities, descriptions, you define).

Select a product to send publicity, technical information or sell to the selected client. Create invoices or estimates with the client specific discounts, addresses, contact names, quantities and bill to information.

Most mobile software products are stand-alone products but burotic have created companion software (Burotic Pro) for users PC to allow them to easily enter from their PC time and typing intensive complex data entry items. Such data as serial numbers, product creation, and product picture associations and downloads, technical descriptions, long descriptions, short descriptions, pricing structures and full accounting data. You can perform the labour intensive functions on your PC and then access and modify on your mobile device.

Demo versions are for demonstration and have limited functionality and do not Hot sync But burotic have included a free thirty day license for Burotic pro so that usrs may see all the possibilities.

Price 48.50$ BUY

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Mobile – The Next Pulse of Youth


The relationship between youth and their mobiles is not necessarily based on being fun, cool, or entertaining?. It’s a key social tool employed in the dynamics of the peer group. Youth consume mobile products – as they do others – to make statements about themselves and their relationship with their peers.
Self-expression is such a key aspect of young people’s lives that they would rarely choose a non-branded alternative over an identifiable brand. 98% of teens for example would choose a brand/logo designed T-shirt over a plain one.
Mobile is most importantly a symbol of belonging to a group, both as a physical product (you must own a phone to be part of our group) and its communicative possibilities: texting is essential to youth not because of the content (very limited) of the texts themselves but because each text is a reaffirmation and a reminder that we are part of this World!
How is the mobile phone changing the lives of teenagers? A pretty broad question! I think it’s fair to say that it allows youth to remain hyper-connected at all times, to the extent that 14% of US mobileYouth surveyed admitted that they couldn’t live without their phones. Other surveys point to the fact that an increasing number of young people are being admitted to clinics as “text-addicts”. Overall, youth may be building up a dependency on mobiles which have increasingly become a sign of social status and self-esteem: many have also admitted that they feel depressed if they pass a whole day without receiving a text!

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Where will the rising mobile waves take us?


Unfortunately last week I lost my mobile on a wedding. Although this is the fourth time i have lost my mobile but this one simply shook me.I just felt that there was something ” BIG” missing from my life. After gathering myself from the depressed situation, I really wanted to know why have we become so dependent on it!
Mobile has completely changed the way we work, socialise and live our lives.My intriguing nature forced me to actually find out more about this phenomenal change in our lives.
You will be surprised to know that in 2006, nearly 950 million handsets have been sold all around the world, while in 2007, this figure is expected to pass the one billion mark. UK has 60 million mobile phone users whereas Europe has the world’s largest mobile handset market, with over 144 million sold last year.
According to international research by LogicaCMG, world demand for mobile downloads is set to triple in the next 12 months, creating a €7.6 billion global market for mobile content.This substantial market for mobile content has opened up great opportunities for mobile operators worldwide.
Aside from ringtones and SMS, music, gaming, TV and information are the big four content segments opening up right now.Mobile music spending will be approximately $6.4 billion in 2009, a 33.9 per cent compound annual increase.
Mobile is no longer a chatting device, and we can call it a small PC now.The power of mobile communications just keeps on getting greater and greater and inturn has made us more and more dependent on these devices.

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Mobile advertising

It turns out that WAP ain’t crap anymore. Some major brands that once wouldn’t touched the over-hyped technology are now building WAP sites that essentially serve as information sites about a company or product. They are becoming the first step in the world of WAP marketing. The effort is a bargain compared with traditional advertising platforms like television, and mobile phone ads can better target certain demographics. One can find WAP banners, links and–occasionally–interstitial ads from the Ford Motor Co., Progressive Insurance and Aruba Tourism, among countless others. Sprint Nextel fired one of the first salvos in September, announcing plans to use Enpocket technology to integrate ads in the WAP deck. Virgin Mobile is pushing Sugar Mama, a program that gives its young subscribers more airtime in exchange for watching advertisements on the web. In short, mobile advertising still means different things to different carriers, but they all know there are some pretty hefty revenues to be made. They just have to make sure they don’t anger the customer.

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Wap Portals


In one of the posts featured in last week’s Carnival of the Mobilists, Justin Oberman at mopocket did a nice write up of an ambitious new mobile site from mPulse called WapTags that combines personal homepages, a mobile rss aggregator, social tagging, chat, SMS and classified adds. Then after that when i was looking for wap portals for mobile applications and games i came to see this new beta version of Youpark’s Wap Portal, . it was simple elegant and impressive.

Youpark Wap Portal enables the users to reach out for Youpark’s best selling products. It also facilitates the users to select products according to various prices and categories. It gives the users wide options to buy products which are low priced, medium priced and high priced. The rich catalog of Youpark has various categories of applications, be it entertainment, business, productivity, lifestyle or health. Moreover it has mobile content that supports popular devices/platforms like Symbian, Java, PocketPC, Smartphone, and Palm, Blackberry.

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Leave your audience absolutely stunned with Psiloc Wireless Presenter!


You need to perform a presentation for an important client or for your most horrifying boss? Dont worry ! With the new Psiloc Wireless Presenter you can make it really impressive and professional.

The Wireless Presenter extends the possibilities of Psiloc Mobile Mouse application, which transforms a smartphone into Bluetooth computer mouse.
Wireless Presenter enables the user to manage a Power Point slide show using phone navigation keys at a distance of Bluetooth beam. At the same time you can see the presentation notes displayed on the smartphone screen.

Everybody knows that the presentation should be brief and concise, otherwise all attendees will fall asleep. The Wireless Presenter counts the time from the start to control the total duration of the speech. It even shows the time of viewing current slide.

More fastidious users can adjust application settings like color depth, mouse speed, or keyboard layout to their individual demands. Keyboard layout gives you a possibility of mapping keys of various Windows software i.e. Media Player or Internet Explorer. To find out more please look at the user guide.

Another interesting function enables the user to see on the PC computer what is happening on the phone’s screen. It is useful if someone would like to show the smartphone features, some interesting content or possibilities of any application to wider audience.

With The Wireless Presenter all presentations will leave the audience very impressed.

Price $ 65.00 BUY

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It’s never been this easy to look out for a contact on mobile!

VITO QuickContact for Nokia Series 60 is a contact manager for Nokia Series 60 phones that includes everything you need to call your contacts, input phone numbers and quickly look up contacts in your phone book. QuickContact for Nokia Series 60 allows you to stay connected on the go! It’s specially designed to use only joystick for speedy look up of contacts.
VITO QuickContact for Nokia Series 60 offers two search options to find necessary contacts way too quicker and easier than the default software.


Useful features:
-alternative ways for speedy look up of contacts
-full compatibility with standard contacts (all default options supported)
-sorting contacts by first or last name
-adjustable fonts

Get VITO QuickContact now and make your life completely hassle free.
Price $9.95 BUY

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Stay Fit with Fitness Plus!

Fitness Plus is a comprehensive and powerful fitness tracking software for Palm OS, Windows, and Windows Mobile devices. You can use Fitness Plus for diet and exercise tracking to achieve weight loss or weight gain goals, or simply to track your overall fitness and daily nutrition intake. Fitness Plus is a all time most popular and useful mobile application that provides you with daily schedule, excercise schedule.


Major Features of Fitness Plus:

· Provides all tools necessary to manage daily diet, exercise, and other health formation
· Monitors daily nutrition intake including calories.
It also provides a large fully customizable and searchable exercise database with over 200 exercises. Fitness Plus Tracks body measurements and provides a powerful charting tool to display changes in weight, diet calorie, exercise calorie, body measurements, fat percentage, etc.
You can also get a FREE Desktop Application that has all the functionalities of the mobile application, as well as many other features.

Track your weight by buying Fitness Plus and enjoy food without gaining weight!
Price $19.95 Buy Now

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Sony Ericsson K800i 3G Phone Overview


The Sony Ericsson K800i is a classy & compact 3G mobile phone which comes with an outstanding Cyber Shot™ digital camera feature & is also known as the Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot™ phone. The phone comes in a very sleek velvet black coloured casing which is highly attractive

262k TFT Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)

Key features:
A 3.2 megapixel Cyber-shot™ camera with autofocus
Xenon flash
Integrated image blogging support
Memory card slot with hot swap functionality
3G support with video calls
Great MP3 player
FM radio with RDS
Infrared port
Bluetooth stereo support (A2DP)
Multi-tasking support

Main disadvantages:
A bit oversized
Somewhat uncomfortable keypad design
No EDGE or Wi-Fi support (K790 has EDGE, but no 3G)
Records video in ancient QCIF (176 x 144 pixels) resolution only
Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) card type is still very new and unpopular

Weight & Size
115 g
105 x 47 x 22 mm

Buy K800i Applications and games

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