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Stay Fit with Fitness Plus!

Fitness Plus is a comprehensive and powerful fitness tracking software for Palm OS, Windows, and Windows Mobile devices. You can use Fitness Plus for diet and exercise tracking to achieve weight loss or weight gain goals, or simply to track your overall fitness and daily nutrition intake. Fitness Plus is a all time most popular and useful mobile application that provides you with daily schedule, excercise schedule.


Major Features of Fitness Plus:

· Provides all tools necessary to manage daily diet, exercise, and other health formation
· Monitors daily nutrition intake including calories.
It also provides a large fully customizable and searchable exercise database with over 200 exercises. Fitness Plus Tracks body measurements and provides a powerful charting tool to display changes in weight, diet calorie, exercise calorie, body measurements, fat percentage, etc.
You can also get a FREE Desktop Application that has all the functionalities of the mobile application, as well as many other features.

Track your weight by buying Fitness Plus and enjoy food without gaining weight!
Price $19.95 Buy Now


December 26, 2006 - Posted by | Best mobiles

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