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Burotics Simply Product Management for Smartphones


To Create a product catalogue with photographs on your smart phone. Have inventory,pricing,discount and publicity instantly. English and French.
Burotic Mobile S3 (Product Catalogue) can be a completely autonomous or integrated module that will allow you to create a product catalogue with photographs on your mobile. Ideal for technicians to easily make technical notes on products during their service calls.

The Product database integrates automatically with the other modules of Burotic. Many functions such as short and long descriptions, technical information, prices, quantities in stock, advertising data and research and advanced selections criteria,( product codes, serial numbers prices, quantities, descriptions, you define).

Select a product to send publicity, technical information or sell to the selected client. Create invoices or estimates with the client specific discounts, addresses, contact names, quantities and bill to information.

Most mobile software products are stand-alone products but burotic have created companion software (Burotic Pro) for users PC to allow them to easily enter from their PC time and typing intensive complex data entry items. Such data as serial numbers, product creation, and product picture associations and downloads, technical descriptions, long descriptions, short descriptions, pricing structures and full accounting data. You can perform the labour intensive functions on your PC and then access and modify on your mobile device.

Demo versions are for demonstration and have limited functionality and do not Hot sync But burotic have included a free thirty day license for Burotic pro so that usrs may see all the possibilities.

Price 48.50$ BUY


December 29, 2006 - Posted by | Best mobiles

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