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Spb Mobile DVD

Spb Mobile DVD is a desktop application providing you with a quick and easy way to convert DVDs and video files to the mobile format with the highest possible speed and true real-time preview.

Spb Mobile DVD Features:

  • Fastest possible conversion speed
  • Adjustable quality with real-time preview
  • No additional software needed on Pocket PC
  • DVD and video file sources
  • Conversion to both WMV and XVID formats
  • Possibility to convert entire movie or only some part
  • Dual core CPU support
  • Support for slow 200MHz Pocket PC devices
  • qVGA, VGA and square screen support

How It Works

  1. Insert your DVD disk and choose “Convert DVD to Mobile Device” in the appeared AutoPlay.
  2. Follow wizard instructions. You can just use the default settings suitable in most cases or adjust the parameters like output format, stretching mode and quality if necessary.
  3. Insert storage card with the movie to your Pocket PC and watch converted video on a Pocket PC.

Fast ConversionSpb Mobile DVD is optimized for the fastest possible video converting on all one core, hyper-threading and dual core processors.

The following table can give you idea about conversion speed depending on settings:

Computer Movie Length Resolution Format Time Conv. Speed

(Please note that conversion speed depending on computer configuration and codecs installed on your PC)

Optimized Output Video SizeWhen you select quality Spb Mobile DVD will automatically show what will be output movie size. Or you can choose output movie size and Spb Mobile DVD will automatically choose the best quality to fit the output file in that size.

The following table can give you idea about approximate output movie size depending on settings:

Movie Length Resolution Format FPS Quality Size

Live Preview & WYSIWYGSee the expected result before the conversion starts quite the way it will be seen on your mobile device. It is especially important when trying to find a compromise between quality and file size.

  • Real-time video quality preview
  • WYSIWYG zoom and crop choosing

Conversion OptionsVariety of options makes Spb Mobile DVD an application for everybody’s needs. For conversion you can choose:

  • Audio language
  • Subtitle mode and language
  • Convert entire movie or only a part
  • Output video format (WMV or XVID)
  • Output resolution
  • FPS
  • Zooming and cropping modes
  • Quality or file size

Watching Video on Your Pocket PCVideo files generated by Spb Mobile DVD is specially optimized for playback on Pocket PC.

Even if you have a slow 200MHz Pocket PC Phone Edition device you can watch movies without lost frames if they are converted with WMV 20FPS or XVID 25FPS.

For VGA devices (640×480 screen) the best format would be XVID – you can watch high quality video without lost frames



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Spb AirIslands For Pocket PC

The first Pocket PC game featuring all the benefits of a powerful PC strategy and designed for Pocket PC playing scenario.

Be owner of a small island. Build it up enjoying excellent graphics (qVGA and VGA supported), nice sounds and original game concept. Enjoy 3 mini-games included!

Spb AirIslands Features:

  • Amazing qVGA and VGA graphics
  • Hundreds hours of gameplay
  • 3 additional mini-games to earn resources
  • 8 types of buildings
  • Screensaver mode
  • Online community

Build Your Island Build Your Island

The old world was ruined by a disaster. It is now a pack of isolated islands floating in the sky. You join the army of heroes who revive the world. You get at your disposal an island where you should repair the life and the Gravitator. Success of the whole campaign depends on you because the world cannot become a whole entity while at least one Gravitator is not repaired. You own such an island. Your task is to repair the Gravitator.

During the game you can build different buildings. People living in houses earn gold to help you in repairing the Gravitator.

Earning Resources Earning Resources

The presence of these mini-games allows you to play Spb AirIslands everywhere if you only have a couple of free minutes. By playing mini-games you combine the useful with the pleasing. The more mini-games you play, the more resources you get! Play:

  • Spb Bubbles to earn water
  • Spb Xonix II to earn wood
  • Spb Arkaball II to earn bricks



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Google embedded to Samsung Handsets

Samsung will feature embedded access to Google’s mobile applications like Google Maps, Google Gmail and Google search, according to both companies that announced the partnership at this week’s CES trade show in Las Vegas.


With Google and Yahoo! fighting for the mobile crown, it’s hard to pick a winner. Yahoo!, just this week, announced the second version of its “Yahoo! Go” service that will be embedded in many newer Nokia handsets.

Beginning in “early 2007,” the Korean vendor’s handsets will include a Google icon in the applications menu for one-click access to search and mapping functions.

Read more on how Samsung jumps on Google Bandwagon

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Get Sound Theme manager to make your Pocket PC sound unique!


 Soundz Cool is the the ultimate sound manager for your Pocket PC. Changing the event sounds on your Pocket PC was never that easy. With Soundz Cool you can download, upload and customize entire sound themes. Make your Pocket PC sound unique!

Soundz Cool is extremely easy to use and requires no installation on your Pocket PC – it runs on your desktop PC and manages all sounds from there. This makes it easier to record or edit your sounds, or to browse throught your sound library. Soundz Cool is the perfect companion to Today screen theme, giving your Pocket PC that very special personal touch !


-Very easy to use
-Create your own personal sound themes and share them with friends
-Load, Save and Edit themes on your desktop PC
-Upload / Download themes to and from Pocket PC
-Change standard and extended event sounds
-Browse and preview sounds before importing them into your theme
-Clear and complete help file included
-5 themes are included: car, mechanic, sci-fi, cartoon and a sultry theme
-More then 100 selected event sound effects included
-more FREE additional themes available soon!
Add To Cart

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The Wireless Report  China Mobile — the world’s largest mobile carrier by subscribers — wants to move beyond China’s borders, and has purchased a 90% stake in Pakistan’s Paktel from Millicom International Cellular to do just that.

Just like any global company these days, international operations are a must sometime for the growth that is the end goal. This purchase represents the first buy China Mobile has made outside of China and Hong Kong

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Aqua Force for Smartphones


This ultimate deep underwater adventure with the original AuqaForce shooter game! Save the last hope of human race when take this  on Pluto (the underwater robot king) and its robot armies! 

Price 19.95 $


  • Original back story
  • Original background music and sound
  • Seven large levels
  • Seven big bosses
  • Numerous enemy formations
  • Plenty of mid-size enemy robots
  • Advanced weapons (laser, homing torpedoes, plasma balls, etc.)
  • Bonus objects


  • High-quality graphics rendered in real-time
  • Multilayer graphics engine
  • Realistic water bubble effect
  • Full screen shock effect
  • Multi-channel sound system
Get Free Trial Add To Cart

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FOCUS ……on the new Nokia N800 Internet Tablet!


Nokia introduced its next generation widescreen Nokia Nseries multimedia computer, the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. The sleek Nokia N800 combines a truly personal Internet experience with easy wireless connections, high resolution display and support for a wide variety of Internet applications. The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet has been optimized for enjoying the familiar Web experience anytime, anywhere.

The Nokia N800 is built to be constantly in use. Internet calling, instant messaging and email keep you in touch with friends and family. With stereo audio, media support and new ergonomic design the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is a portable Internet entertainment device; you will enjoy streamed or downloaded content free away from fixed location.

Building on the success of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, the Nokia N800 introduces faster performance, full screen finger qwerty keyboard, easier continuous connections through Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth phone, integrated web camera as well as a new elegant design.

As the Internet becomes an ever more integral part of daily life, Nokia N800 has been designed to offer quick and convenient access to your favorite Internet services regardless of location..The Nokia N800 takes our offering to the next level combining speed, performance and mobility into a stylish, compact design.”

At the CES show, Nokia is demonstrating several captivating features that can be experienced soon with Nokia N800. These include Internet enhanced navigation with Navicore software, calling and messaging with a number of popular services as well as the RealNetworks’ Rhapsody music service. Nokia also announced a development cooperation with Skype on Internet Telephony that will allow Skype users to make Internet calls from their Nokia N800.

Like its predecessor, the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is based on Nokia’s desktop Linux based Operating System. The Maemo development platform was launched in 2005 to provide Open Source developers with the tools and opportunities to create innovative applications for use on Nokia’s Internet Tablets. Users of the Nokia N800 will be able to benefit from a wide range of third party applications.

The Nokia N800 is commercially available immediately in the United States and in selected markets in Europe at estimated retail price of 399 EUR/USD (excluding local taxes).

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iPhone – SoMeThinG YoU JuSt CaN’t ReSist!


I was looking out for some new mobile phone that i came across iPhone…..All i could say was ” It’s simply Amazing!”

iphone is a combination of three products- a revolutionary mobile phone, including a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching — into one small and lightweight handheld device. iPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, letting you control everything with just your fingers. So it ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen in a mobile device, completely redefining what you can do on a mobile phone.

Is’nt it hard to resist so get your hands quickly on the iPhone Now!

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Find, Store and Retrieve with Power Data


Power Data for Nokia 9300 / 9500 is an easy-to-use and high performance database management system (DBMS). Power Data enables you to capture, store and retrieve information about similar items. Power Data offers you a wide range of powerful tools for managing databases like finding, sorting, and filtering records. It enables you to have multiple tables in a single database. 


Import data into a new or an existing table from CSV (Comma delimited plain text) and DBF (dBase) files Export data as CSV, DBF, TXT and HTML filesPassword protect databasesMultiple tables in a single databaseCards (two panel) and List (grid) views of table contentsSort records in a table by any field or by Indices (always up-to-date and fast sorting)Find records in a table that contains some text, specify your optionsFast find for huge tables searches the records that begin with entered text in the specified fieldFilter records that contains some text ? specify your optionsAdvanced filter enables you filter records by setting several criteria combined with the logical OR and AND operationsGroup all records in the table by any field and count the records in each groupCalculate maximum, minimum, average or summary of any fields in a tableCompress databases only for viewingPower Data is the best solution that can help you to manage your huge data in a most organized manner. Get Power Data now!Add To Cart 

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Does the Xbox 360 have a chance in China?

Microsoft is facing a few significant hurdles for bringing XBOX in china. Microsoft has been trying to get the game console into
the country since the launch, but Chinese government, which likes to know how easily it can regulate and control
content on the device (including the types of games available), has been a delaying factor. Microsoft said it
hopes to have the console available this year, perhaps as early as February. But beyond getting the console onto
 Chinese store racks, does it have a chance in the consumer marketplace? Analysts say the price point will be critical,
and as the dismal sales in Japan show, the Xbox 360 is far from a sure bet on the other side of the world.
Certainly the online capability of the Xbox 360 makes it an appealing device, particularly in a country where high-speed
Internet accessibility is growing fast. In a competitive marketplace, however, (PC gaming is far more popular than console
gaming) and a notorious piracy industry, Microsoft is going to have to work hard and market smart to ensure the success o
f the Xbox 360. With a market opportunity this large and growing, however, they can hardly afford to pass up the chance.

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Project Professional Pocket PC

Project Professional is a Comprehensive Project Management Utility for Pocket PC. Safely stores Project details such as Project Schedule, Project Phases, Tasks for phases, Risks involved in a project, Project Reviews, Project Meetings, Client details, Closure report and Summary of a project.

Project Professional contains an Employee Manager, with which details of Employees along with their Projects and Salary details can be stored. Details of an employee can be exported to various formats.

All the data in “Project Professional” can be moved to your Desktop and can be copied back to your PDA by “Backup & Restore” option. This helps you to restore all your details after you hard reset your Pocket PC.

All details of a project along with its sub-details can be transferred to HTML/Word/CSV formats using a simple browser. Project Professional is protected by 128-bit encrypted master password. Splendid Date Tracking option, with which projects can be tracked by date. Invincible Color Setting option, with which, colors of Pages can be changed. A Complete Project Management Utility for every Pocket PC User.

Project detials:

  • Any number of project details can be added with user’s choice.
  • Novel way of browsing your options through a Pop-up Menu.
  • Easy User-Interface.
  • Simple way to Edit and Delete the Projects.
  • Projects are displayed in a sorted format.
  • Projects can be tracked by 4 following date formats.
    • Track by Start Month
    • Track by Start Date
    • Track by End Month
    • Track by End Date


  • 16.00 $
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    Digital Hairstyle for Sony Ericsson P910i

    This Ultimate Hair Stylist application has More than 100 hairstyles, unlimited no. of hair colors and you can add as many photos available on your device.

      14.93 $
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    Go Bang !!!!


    This is a traditional oriental game played with black and white stones on a 14×14 GO board.

    This game was invented in ancient times of China, developed in Japan and quickly spread in Europe. It is simple to learn but difficult to master and this made it great popular around the world.

      7.50 $
      Get Free Trial Add To Cart

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    Moonfighter For pocket PC

    Moonfighter is a fun gravity-based shoot-em-up that challenges players to pilot their spacecraft around lunar terrains and blast aliens whilst collecting energy spheres to extend their mission time. Players can progress through thousands of Moonfighter levels, each one offering more challenging terrains and more enemy attacks.

    Moonfighter offers three types of alien enemies: Turrets – static units placed at strategic points around the terrain; Spiderbots – walking units that climb the cavern walls and Saucerbots – anti-gravity platforms that can float around. Enemy attacks take the form of Guns – unguided laser bolts with unlimited range; Missiles – medium range guided torpedoes; and G-weapons – short range gravity distortion fields that either attract or repel your craft. As players fly around the alien terrains they will encounter narrow valleys, lunar peaks, and underground caverns many of which are protected by heavy-duty blast doors.

    Price 19.95 BUY

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    Analysys predicts massive growth for EU mobile market

    According to the report, titled The Western European Mobile Market: trends and forecasts 2006-2011, the industry’s growth will be driven primarily by the continued adoption of rich media services – including streaming TV and music and an increased availability of mobile broadband services. A new report focusing on the growth of the Western European mobile market, predicting an average increase of 6 per cent per year that will push revenues to 198.4 billion Euros over the coming five years. Analysys suggests that mobile penetration, which reached 96.2 per cent at the end of last year in Western Europe, will continue to grow to 108.8 per cent by 2011, largely driven by operator’ efforts to attract under-served segments including the older demographic.

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