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It’s so difficult to remember so many passwords to access our personal things.i was looking for an application that could save this personal information for me and retrieve it especially when it’s required. I came across an application called Password Manager for symbian devices which is an advance security tool that keeps your Password,PINs, TINs and other confidential data in a safe and secure way.

Password Manager

It is a User-friendly Security tool to keep your Family and Personal Password in a safe and secure way. It will manage and automate every aspect of your Private data. It provides the best place to store your secret data.
Login Password is provided at the startup of the application to ensure security. Other Password details cannot be viewed without entering the Login Password / Master Password. Login Password can be changed at any point of time after get into the software.

Category and Entry

Any number of Categories can be added with user’s choice. More than 40 Pleasant Set of Icons is provided to enhance viewing. Any number of Secret Details can be added within a category. Every information under a category is stored in a secured way.

  • Protects you from forgetting your Secret details.

  • Adds Safety to your confidential information.

  • No one can view the details except you.

Key Features:
1. Simple and Easy to use.
2. Easy data entry.
3. Allows for notes to be added to any entry.
4. Covers almost all the Security information.
5. Edit and Delete options are provided.
6. List-based interface makes browsing easy.
7. Encrypted Master password.
8. It can store more than one password in a category.
9. Password can be retrieved at any point of time.

All the detail and historical information is right in your hand.

Price $ 9.99, BUY now, it’s a must have application!


January 3, 2007 - Posted by | Best mobiles

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