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Discover the thrill of Award Winning Sky Force PPC

Experience the real thrill of Sky Force PPC. The game has Ultimate classic arcade shooter, with 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack and 100% of pure gameplay. See how to push the limits of your PocketPC to the maximum. 8 amazingly pixeled environments, tons of enemies to shoot and good old Earth to save. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Addictive gameplay perfectly suited for mobile segment. Based on proven classic “shoot’em up” idea.

– 8 large levels,
– 4 big bosses,
– plenty of enemies,
– interactive environment elements,
– upgradable unique weapons,
– dynamic weather (rain, clouds, wind),
– ranking system.

 The game also includes

  • High Quality Hybrid 2D/3D graphics Engine
  • Multichannel audio system with high quality original soundtrack and plenty of ingame sound effects
  • Possibility of entering and saving highscores
  • Three levels of difficulty for hardcore-gamers and rookies!

Dont think, Just get it now !

Price $ 9.95 Buy Now!



January 8, 2007 - Posted by | Best mobiles

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