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Moonfighter For pocket PC

Moonfighter is a fun gravity-based shoot-em-up that challenges players to pilot their spacecraft around lunar terrains and blast aliens whilst collecting energy spheres to extend their mission time. Players can progress through thousands of Moonfighter levels, each one offering more challenging terrains and more enemy attacks.

Moonfighter offers three types of alien enemies: Turrets – static units placed at strategic points around the terrain; Spiderbots – walking units that climb the cavern walls and Saucerbots – anti-gravity platforms that can float around. Enemy attacks take the form of Guns – unguided laser bolts with unlimited range; Missiles – medium range guided torpedoes; and G-weapons – short range gravity distortion fields that either attract or repel your craft. As players fly around the alien terrains they will encounter narrow valleys, lunar peaks, and underground caverns many of which are protected by heavy-duty blast doors.

Price 19.95 BUY


January 11, 2007 - Posted by | Mobile games

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