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Project Professional Pocket PC

Project Professional is a Comprehensive Project Management Utility for Pocket PC. Safely stores Project details such as Project Schedule, Project Phases, Tasks for phases, Risks involved in a project, Project Reviews, Project Meetings, Client details, Closure report and Summary of a project.

Project Professional contains an Employee Manager, with which details of Employees along with their Projects and Salary details can be stored. Details of an employee can be exported to various formats.

All the data in “Project Professional” can be moved to your Desktop and can be copied back to your PDA by “Backup & Restore” option. This helps you to restore all your details after you hard reset your Pocket PC.

All details of a project along with its sub-details can be transferred to HTML/Word/CSV formats using a simple browser. Project Professional is protected by 128-bit encrypted master password. Splendid Date Tracking option, with which projects can be tracked by date. Invincible Color Setting option, with which, colors of Pages can be changed. A Complete Project Management Utility for every Pocket PC User.

Project detials:

  • Any number of project details can be added with user’s choice.
  • Novel way of browsing your options through a Pop-up Menu.
  • Easy User-Interface.
  • Simple way to Edit and Delete the Projects.
  • Projects are displayed in a sorted format.
  • Projects can be tracked by 4 following date formats.
    • Track by Start Month
    • Track by Start Date
    • Track by End Month
    • Track by End Date


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    January 16, 2007 - Posted by | mobile applications, Mobile games, Mobile news

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