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Find, Store and Retrieve with Power Data


Power Data for Nokia 9300 / 9500 is an easy-to-use and high performance database management system (DBMS). Power Data enables you to capture, store and retrieve information about similar items. Power Data offers you a wide range of powerful tools for managing databases like finding, sorting, and filtering records. It enables you to have multiple tables in a single database. 


Import data into a new or an existing table from CSV (Comma delimited plain text) and DBF (dBase) files Export data as CSV, DBF, TXT and HTML filesPassword protect databasesMultiple tables in a single databaseCards (two panel) and List (grid) views of table contentsSort records in a table by any field or by Indices (always up-to-date and fast sorting)Find records in a table that contains some text, specify your optionsFast find for huge tables searches the records that begin with entered text in the specified fieldFilter records that contains some text ? specify your optionsAdvanced filter enables you filter records by setting several criteria combined with the logical OR and AND operationsGroup all records in the table by any field and count the records in each groupCalculate maximum, minimum, average or summary of any fields in a tableCompress databases only for viewingPower Data is the best solution that can help you to manage your huge data in a most organized manner. Get Power Data now!Add To Cart 


January 18, 2007 - Posted by | Best mobiles

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