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Spb AirIslands For Pocket PC

The first Pocket PC game featuring all the benefits of a powerful PC strategy and designed for Pocket PC playing scenario.

Be owner of a small island. Build it up enjoying excellent graphics (qVGA and VGA supported), nice sounds and original game concept. Enjoy 3 mini-games included!

Spb AirIslands Features:

  • Amazing qVGA and VGA graphics
  • Hundreds hours of gameplay
  • 3 additional mini-games to earn resources
  • 8 types of buildings
  • Screensaver mode
  • Online community

Build Your Island Build Your Island

The old world was ruined by a disaster. It is now a pack of isolated islands floating in the sky. You join the army of heroes who revive the world. You get at your disposal an island where you should repair the life and the Gravitator. Success of the whole campaign depends on you because the world cannot become a whole entity while at least one Gravitator is not repaired. You own such an island. Your task is to repair the Gravitator.

During the game you can build different buildings. People living in houses earn gold to help you in repairing the Gravitator.

Earning Resources Earning Resources

The presence of these mini-games allows you to play Spb AirIslands everywhere if you only have a couple of free minutes. By playing mini-games you combine the useful with the pleasing. The more mini-games you play, the more resources you get! Play:

  • Spb Bubbles to earn water
  • Spb Xonix II to earn wood
  • Spb Arkaball II to earn bricks




January 26, 2007 - Posted by | Best mobiles

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  1. I can see my daughter loving something like that!

    Thanx and cheers, Davin

    Comment by Davin Ogden aka The Davinator | January 30, 2007 | Reply

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