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Take a small peak into 2007- A year of mobile games!

I was going through Moconews that i saw that Pocketgamer has compiled a list of top 10 reasons that has declared 2007 a great year for mobile games. It will be interesting to see how many of these predictions come true over the coming year.

Lets Read and discover!

Advertising Supported Games
2007 is the year when advertisers will dive in to the mobile games world.This is already happening, many mobile content providers are offering free games and applications based on an advertising-supported model although having a single game solely supported by advertising will be an interesting experiment.But in 2007, there’ll be a lot more publishers, and a lot more advertisers, looking to reduce the price of mobile games through some form of ads.
Next-generation N-Gage

N-Gage is dead! Long live N-Gage! 2007 will see the debut of Nokia’s long-awaited next move in mobile gaming, which in short involves putting its N-Gage technology in a host of multimedia handsets, for example its N-Series phones.

More connectivity and multiplayer
As we bemoaned in our recent look back at 2006, Europe was a bit rubbish for mobile game connectivity this year. This will improve in 2007, as operators get their acts together to enable game developers to include community and multiplayer features, and also launch unlimited-data tariffs so that we don’t end up paying through the nose if we play online.

More crossover with Web and online gaming
A big buzz-phrase in the mobile industry is ‘fixed-mobile convergence’ (think Orange or Vodafone providing you with home broadband AND mobile). This could have implications for mobile gaming, like being able to play simple games over the network against people playing on their PCs. It’s happened a bit in the past, but will become more common.

At last, 3D gaming will take off
In 2006, phones proved they were up to the task of running 3D games. This will continue in 2007, as more people upgrade their phones to find that they’ve actually got a pretty powerful games machine in their pocket, even if they didn’t explicitly ask for it.These thrilling games are so exiting and full of fun!

Mobile game audio finally gets some props
Does anyone actually play mobile games with the sound turned on? Well, more people than you’d think. While we often quote the train / bus idea industry research shows that many mobile gamers play at home. As publishers realise this, they may well put more into their audio budgets, to make sure mobile games sound as good as they look.
More camera and LBS games
Bit of a catch-all point, this one. But behind-the-scenes technical improvements mean that on the latest handsets, mobile games can take advantage of other phone features more easily.


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