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Look out for the new kid on the Block….Windows Mobile 6!


Microsoft lifted the embargo and is expected to officially unveil the next version of its Windows Mobile OS on Monday, February 12. Previously code-named Crossbow, Windows Mobile 6 sports many improvements and enhancements over the previous version. In general, the new OS features improved usability, faster performance, and tighter integration with Microsoft’s Office suite.

Windows Mobile, Number 6 is a much needed upgrade. It includes various enhancements that allow your productivity to soar!
MS also changed the names of the device-types. For example, the Smartphone is now “Standard,” the Pocket PC is now “Classic,” and the Phone Edition is now “Professional.”

  • HTML-formatted e-mails from POP, IMAP, and Exchange Server 2007 Full integration with Windows Live (Search, Mail, Space, Messenger), including a Windows Mobile-based client
  • Automatic synchronization of Outlook calendars and contacts through Exchange Server due to the inclusion of Direct Push on all Windows Mobile 6 devices
  • New Microsoft Office Mobile, which allows users to view and even edit documents on the device while retaining formatting, including tables and images
  • 30% improvement in speed for Internet Explorer Mobile
  • Faster and easier set up of the device
  • Easy syncing of pictures, music, etc., from Windows Vista-powered PCs to the device
  • Enhanced Calendar functionality, including “Calendar ribbon,” which gives users a more understandable at a glance view, and the ability to see who is attending a meeting and even forward or reply to a meeting from the device itself
  • Additional Call History and Contacts integration allows you to instantly see the contact’s information when dialing and get to the information you need quicker
  • Improved security, including remote management and wiping of a device and protected/encrypted content

Office Mobile

You can see that there are now Mobile versions of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. They all perform as you’d expect, if not better. Without any conversion I was able to open up a PowerPoint presentation, Word doc, and an Excel sheet, navigate around, and even make changes to the files. They’re perfect for proofing and even editing, and they don’t lose any of the formatting.


Internet Explorer Mobile

The homepage now contains a search box and quick drop-down boxes for Favorites and History. While that’s nice, what’s really great is the speed improvement. I used to go back and forth between Opera and IE because I found IE slow the majority of time. I now use IE Mobile without thinking twice, which says a lot for the improvements. It also supports the latest Mobile AJAX standards, so get ready for some great Mobile-based apps from Microsoft.



Gone is the rudimentary task viewer. You now have the ability to add and edit your tasks, including adding categories, start date, end date, due date, occurrences, and pretty much anything you can do from the PC-based Outlook.

Windows Mobile Update

You can now download updates directly to the device as they are made available by Microsoft. This works just like the PC-based version, though I couldn’t test it since this is a beta and no updates are available.Also look out for the Windows mobile based applications and games to make your devices more productive and functional!

Windows Mobile MarketplaceAlong the same lines as above, users can now download applications and content directly to their device over the air using the new Windows Mobile Marketplace. Again, this is in beta so I couldn’t test it, but the possibilities are endless here.

Contacts integration

I mentioned this above but a mention doesn’t do it justice. Inside of Call History you can now see the full information for the contact. In addition, you see when the last call was made or missed and from which phone number-type (i.e., office, mobile, home) it came. Imagine true integration with your contacts every time you need a phone number and that’s what Microsoft has done here.



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