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Spb Mobile Shell

ow Screen

The Now Screen gives you a quick and pleasing way to start using your device once you turned it on.

  • Appears when you turn your device on
  • Today screen and Spb Menu are just one tap away
  • The most important information at one screen
  • Digital or analog clock
  • Option to show upcoming appointments
  • Can be shown above the password prompt

Spb Menu

The Spb menu adds some much needed features to your Pocket PC, such as smart contact search, but also gives you convenient access to all existing device features.

  • Instant response time
  • Convenient access to all device features
  • Smart contact search
  • Animated first level
  • Optimized access to built-in applications
  • Smart adaptive layout

Today Plug-In

Spb Mobile Shell takes the Today screen to the next level.

  • Tabbed area with big dynamic tabs
  • Smart MRU (Most Recently Used) program launcher with the ability to pin items
  • Auto-hide mode
  • Photo speed dial
  • Basic weather forecast
  • World-time in 3 cities and next alarm
  • Battery indicator and innovative backlight control
  • Third party plug-in support

Integration with Spb products

Spb Mobile Shell integrates well with other Spb programs.

  • Use Spb Weather for advanced weather features
  • Use together with Spb Diary
  • Insert Spb Pocket Plus as a tab
  • Can show the next alarm from Spb Time

Adaptive Skins and Color Themes

Spb Mobile Shell introduces the new concept of adaptive skins.

  • Consistent look with any Today theme
  • Change color without changing a theme

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