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It’s time you moved to the best Award Winner….Spb Pocket Plus (Version 3.2)

Spb Pocket Plus is one of the most popular award winning application.The best selling system utility for Pocket PC. Winner of Pocket PC 2004 Awards as the best task manager which includes powerful Today plug-in with tabs and much much more!

Today Plug-In:

  • NEW! Integration with Spb Mobile Shell
  • Alpha channel support for Today Plug-in icons
  • Icons for most popular standard programs
  • Icons in Tabs
  • Plug-ins support
  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Large and small icons
  • Wholly customizable look-and-feel


Pocket Internet Explorer:

In Pocket Internet Explorer you will now see a new button in the toolbar. This is the Pocket Plus button that enables many of originally missing features. Tap this button and you will find in the context menu:

  • New window support.
  • Open link in background.
  • Close window support. Selecting this item closes either the current window only, or all active windows.
  • The list of active windows with the ability to switch between them.
  • The Save As… feature allows you to save the document in a separate file.
  • The View Source feature allows you to view the source code of the document.
  • The Full Screen support allows you to see the document in the full screen mode, without toolbars.


File Explorer: Find, use and enjoy the following new embedded features in the File Explorer.

  • ZIP support. You can now compress and decompress files, groups of files and folders.
  • File encryption support (using strong AES algorithm).
  • “Folder Up” button added.
  • Storage card format feature added.
  • You can now view and edit file and folder properties. Just tap-and hold on a desired object and select Properties from the context menu.


Enhance your device with this application and make it even more useful!



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