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Apple & Cisco Dispute Finally Solved….!

Isnt this a good news that Apple and Cisco dispute is finally solved….In January Apple was sued by Cisco. The reason: Apple’s launch of a mobile phone with the name iPhone. Cisco owns the right to the name, but now a deal has been sealed, and Apple seems to have had to pay dearly.

The row between Cisco and Apple has been finally resolved after both parties agree that they are free to use the iPhone trademark on their products throughout the world. According to the agreement, both companies acknowledge that the trademark ownership rights have been granted and they will dismiss any pending legal actions regarding to trademark. How much Apple had to pay for the right to use the name is not known. Both Apple and Cisco refer to that the agreement is comprised by secrecy. Further, the agreement does not give Apple any exclusive right to the name iPhone. Both Cisco and Apple will continue to produce iPhone telephones.
For two years before the launch of its iPhone, Apple tried to buy the right to the name from Cisco. Cisco and Apple never came to an agreement, and instead Cisco decided to launch their own WLAN telephones for IP telephony with the name iPhone.


Cisco has on the other hand completey carried through its wish in regards to another issue: Apple commits itself to create interoperability between Apple’s and Cisco’s products, in regards to both consumer products and corporate products.

Source: Apple gets iPhone


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Sprint ventures 4 Cable

While many of us were distracted by the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona last week, an interesting development occurred on the U.S. wireless landscape. As part of the joint venture between Sprint and four cable companies, Time Warner Cable launched its Mobile Access wireless service (powered by Sprint) in Austin, TX and Raleigh, NC. This isn’t the first of the joint venture market launches. Comcast debuted its quadruple-play offering in two markets: Boston and Portland, OR, last December. But Time Warner’s entry is significant because not only is it offering voice services but also some customized local TV programming.

The data service is structured similar to a cable TV plan, with customers paying $15 per month for a basic service that includes unlimited wireless Internet, email access and Sprint picture mail. There’s also an enhanced package that costs $25 per month and includes the basic services plus Time Warner Mobile TV programming. The mobile TV offering has a variety of channels that Sprint currently offers through its Sprint TV service plus local news, traffic and weather channels. And like the Sprint TV offering, premium channels are available for an additional $4.95 per channel.

But the Time Warner Mobile TV has another interesting content tie-in–customers can view their cable TV programming guides on the phone. This appears to be a step toward what I thought was one of the key visions of the JV–providing wireless customers with the ability to remotely program their cable DVR through their wireless phones.

Although that service isn’t available yet, it appears that the Sprint-cable JV is making some strides toward that goal. But I’d also like to see some more tie-ins between the cable programming and the mobile programming. Current Analysis analyst Westin Henderek writes in an intelligence report that Time Warner and Sprint need to resolve any potential DRM issues so that this type of joint content offering will become available. And he also urges the two companies to roll out their remote programmable DVR service before year-end to build momentum for the Mobile Access service.

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Few MObile Events

Mobile Advertising & Marketing USA – March 6-7, Warwick Hotel, New York

With the worldwide mobile advertising industry predicted to be worth US$11.35bn by 2011*, leaders from across the value chain must now come together and establish how to drive the North American industry forward and secure their slice of the pie. This event, the most innovative players to discuss these issues and make real progress in the industry going forwards. Click for more information or to register

Mobile Search & Discovery ’07, March 15-16, Central London

This interactive roundtable event will focus on examining the most innovative case studies from top organisations as well as practical recommendations of how to turn the abundance of content into a commercial goldmine! Email

From Orlando with Love – FierceWireless Event at CTIA* – Wed, March 28

Rendezvous with FierceWireless for our annual networking event at CTIA*. If you choose to accept this mission you will be networking with the movers and shakers of the telecom industry. Enjoy various aperitifs–perhaps a martini, shaken, not stirred at Orlando’s premier nightclub,

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