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Apple & Cisco Dispute Finally Solved….!

Isnt this a good news that Apple and Cisco dispute is finally solved….In January Apple was sued by Cisco. The reason: Apple’s launch of a mobile phone with the name iPhone. Cisco owns the right to the name, but now a deal has been sealed, and Apple seems to have had to pay dearly.

The row between Cisco and Apple has been finally resolved after both parties agree that they are free to use the iPhone trademark on their products throughout the world. According to the agreement, both companies acknowledge that the trademark ownership rights have been granted and they will dismiss any pending legal actions regarding to trademark. How much Apple had to pay for the right to use the name is not known. Both Apple and Cisco refer to that the agreement is comprised by secrecy. Further, the agreement does not give Apple any exclusive right to the name iPhone. Both Cisco and Apple will continue to produce iPhone telephones.
For two years before the launch of its iPhone, Apple tried to buy the right to the name from Cisco. Cisco and Apple never came to an agreement, and instead Cisco decided to launch their own WLAN telephones for IP telephony with the name iPhone.


Cisco has on the other hand completey carried through its wish in regards to another issue: Apple commits itself to create interoperability between Apple’s and Cisco’s products, in regards to both consumer products and corporate products.

Source: Apple gets iPhone


February 26, 2007 - Posted by | Mobile news

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