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Hacking the campaign

TechPresident’s Joshua Levy does an excellent job showing that Barack Obama’s huge numbers on YouTube are likely gamed and inflated. And this makes me wonder whether his MySpace numbers are similarly manufactured. Add this to the anonymous anti-Hillary video made by a political operative and you get a disturbing, or at least unflattering, picture of some of Obama’s supporters. Some are trying to hack his campaign for him.

 talking with some people who know about these things and they thought the Obama’s numbers were bogus but didn’t yet know how to prove it. TechPresident’s Levy shows how the number of visitors and views just don’t match up. The clearest evidence of fishiness is all this is TechPresident’s own YouTube chart, which they acknowledge looks darned suspicious:

tech president obama chart

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Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks- An ideal insight on Pocket PC!


If you want to get a good insight into the many features and capabilities of a Pocket PC, simply get this program. Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks is the most complete collection of more than 200 tips and tricks and 40 tweaks on using the Pocket PC.

What makes Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks the most complete and the most interesting to read collection of Pocket PC tips and tricks is the excellent team of professional Pocket PC authors that we have put together.

For people who try to keep up with the ever-changing Pocket PC world, the names of our authors will speak volumes. Most of our authors are experts and gurus in the PDA world because they maintain or, at least, regularly contribute for the most popular Pocket PC related websites, such as,,, and other.

Sample Tips & Tricks:

  • Find out how to enter text much faster by seting the right options
  • Learn how to store more music on an SD card without quality loss
  • You can watch DVDs on your Pocket PC without expensive converters
  • View all, not just one, of your upcoming appointments on your Today screen
  • Get access to your most important documents in just two taps
  • Narrow down your scrollbars to get more viewable area in Pocket Word and Excel
  • Password protection does not wholly protect your data from intruders
  • – read these and 190+ more tips in Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks –


200+ Tips and Tricks In 13 Topics

All tips and tricks are divided into 13 main topics or chapters that cover the most important aspects of effective use of the Pocket PC. These topics are:

  • Accessories
  • ActiveSync
  • Bluetooth
  • Clean and Repair
  • GPS
  • Input Methods
  • Multimedia
  • PIM
  • Personalization
  • Phone Edition
  • Pocket Office
  • Security
  • WiFi

Tweaks The program includes more than 40 system tweaks that help to use undocumented Pocket PC features like installing CAB files to a storage card, showing date on the taskbar, renaming storage card folder, disabling start menu animation, changing all system fonts and colors, etc.


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Ocean the new king of Helio

All hail the new king of Helio’s lineup: “Ocean.” That ain’t really hyperbole, either; the Pantech-sourced device first seen in the FCC’s claws a few months back easily has enough tricks up its sleeve to put it atop Helio’s already impressive stable of featurephones. Most striking, of course, is the dual-slide design with QWERTY in one direction and numeric in the other — a first, as best we can tell — that gives users the best of both worlds without compromising much girth (21.8mm to be exact). Other unique goodies include a contact list with integrated “presence detection” showing contacts’ statuses on a variety of instant messaging services, Exchange Server integration (!) for the suits out there, and a click-free web search mechanism — users simply begin typing from their home screen to seek out sites. The Ocean will rock out to tunes for a claimed 15 hours (pretty frickin’ impressive if that figure holds up), offer 200MB of internal storage with microSD expansion, a 2 megapixel cam, and stereo Bluetooth support. Look for it to start showing up on shelves before summer sets in for $295.

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The New PDA concept

How many people do you know that carry a dedicated PDA? Everyone seems to have switched over to phones that can do it all for them.

It synchronizes with the user’s PC to track inventory, communicating through RFID and Bluetooth.” It’s meant for for the IT crowd, but should HP ever decide to enter the rugged PDA/smartphone market, this design would certainly be a nice start. Especially since it just won CeBIT’s If Design Award 

It seems to have a nice rugged appearance to it, which is always great. It appears to be designed as more of a datacenter diagnostic device than a standard PDA. “It visualizes and communicates problems related to HP servers and data centers, and works as a fully-integrated system to streamline day-to-day tasks.”

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Yahoo! launches its new mobile portal, oneSearch……!


Yahoo! has launched its new mobile portal, called oneSearch.It provides a mobile Search that works with single click.It is so simple and helpful at the same time.Yahoo! oneSearch is now available for internet—enabled phones. oneSearch results are delivered to you in a new, breakthrough format that redefines search for the mobile phone. It’s all about getting instant answers with just one click—no need to sift through a bunch of links to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Enter oneSearch, a new page (at on your handset) that aggregates a large number of Yahoo!’s features onto one easy-to-use page, including Y! Messenger, Y! Movies, and even a handy portable version of flickr.

Finally mobile search that works! Yahoo! oneSearch is now available for internet—enabled phones. oneSearch results are delivered to you in a new, breakthrough format that redefines search for the mobile phone. It’s all about getting instant answers with just one click—no need to sift through a bunch of links to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Looking for a new camera? oneSearch gives you what you need to make the best choice including product reviews, images of different models and where to buy. Tracking a hot stock? oneSearch gives you the important info you need to stay up to date including stock quotes, company news and the latest products.

oneSearch results are easy to read, scroll through, and expand when you want more information—like more images to view—with a single click. You don’t have to “feel lucky” to be lucky every time with oneSearch!

Get just Anything

Yahoo! oneSearch gets you the answers you seek for just about anything you need: driving directions, maps, movie showtimes, sports, upcoming events, news, weather, celebrities, images, shopping—you name it.And, oneSearch gives you results based on where you are. For instance, searching for a movie title will give you local theaters and showtimes. Searching for a city name will give you the latest weather, traffic reports, local news and more for that city.oneSearch also makes it easy to get to any website. Simply type in the name of a website you want to visit in the search box (like eBay), and oneSearch returns the website link. Simply click the link and you’re there!

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Earthlink unveils WiFi phone beta in Anaheim, CA

Earthlink’s finally ready to publicly discuss the WiFi phone beta they’ve been running in Anaheim California — well, kind of. They didn’t exactly have much to say about the service because it’s in beta, but we know that officially exists, and that should be enough, right? We’d love a closer look at the Accton phone they’re using for this thing, but we know the type, and something tells us it’s not exactly going to have an ancillary HSDPA for 3G SIP or anything.

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BenQ announces P860 8 megapixel, 6x zoom camera

BenQ recently announced a new 8 megapixel, 6x optical zoom lens point and shoot digital camera to replace the P500. Besides the impressive CCD and zoom lens, the P860 also comes with a roomy 2.5-inch LCD, and a manual mode for adjusting aperture and shutter settings, although things’ll take a turn for the worse when you notice its paltry 18 MB of integrated memory; the maximum ISO setting is only 1000 too, which is a fair bit under the 1600 ISO modes that are starting to creep into middle of the pack shooters. This little number runs off AAs — no rechargeables out of the box, boo — and can also shoot 30fps video at 640 x 480. So far BenQ has said that the P860 will only available in Italy, Spain, Russian, and China at the end of March, although we wouldn’t be surprised if that release gets an extension somewhere along the line.

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Home Entertainment Buzz: Apple TV Meet TVMax+


Apple TV Meet TVMax
The match made in heaven (an Apple TV media extender and TVMax+), although the Apple TV media extender is not released yet it is a great match for the TVMax+ from Miglia who are set in our opinion to sell tons of these devices thanks to the launch of the new Apple product.

Apple tend to always create a lot of buzz when they launch new products and the Apple TV media extender is no different.
If you wish to maximize your enjoyment of the video iPod or upcoming iPhone and Apple TV then you should seriously look into purchasing the TVMax+.

Key features include:
Analog TV receiver for Cable TV channels
Online EPG supporting both tvtv & TitanTV, decide what you view with ease
Capture VHS tapes to DVD fast
Records all video content ‘on the fly’ in real time for iPod & Apple TV
Fabulous quick content provider for your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV

The TVMax+ has the simple yet beautiful lines like Apple products and aims to become your home entertainment hub.
You can visit the product page to view more information and to see what you get for the £143 price tag.

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Microsoft admits OneCare flaws

Microsoft has promised to try harder, after its new OneCare anti-virus software failed a benchmark test often considered indispensable by the industry.

“The recent detection numbers were not stellar,” Jimmy Kuo, a member of the Microsoft security research and response team, said in a company blog “We missed capturing a VB100 [Virus Bulletin 100] in the last test because we missed one virus. As a result, we have adopted new methodologies to … look more closely at families of viruses that have been found to be ‘in the wild,’ [those] found actively spreading among users.”

Early last month, Virus Bulletin, a U.K.-based publication whose VB100 tests are considered one of the antivirus industry’s benchmarks, put 15 Vista security programs up against January’s WildList, a master list of all viruses, worms, Trojans and other on-the-loose malware. Five titles failed the test, including Microsoft’s Windows Live OneCare 1.5.

“We will keep on working to acquire the VB100 Award each time we are tested by Virus Bulletin,” promised Kuo.

Although he didn’t specify all the steps Microsoft would take to remedy OneCare’s poor performance, Kuo said that the company’s developers would come up with virus signatures able to detect entire families of malware, something security-specific vendors have been doing for years. Kuo also said that Microsoft would put more resources into identifying what he called “truly important malware.”

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Viacom sued google

The first salvo has been fired. Viacom has sued Google over YouTube’s turning a blind eye to users uploading copyrighted content belonging to Viacom. Viacom’s properties include MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central — yes, so much for those Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert clips. In a statement, Viacom claims that YouTube was “destroying enormous value” in allowing Viacom’s content to be available freely on the site. And there you have it — the problem with this lawsuit — that YouTube is destroying value belonging to the content owners. YouTube has about 70 million users and even more viewers. Their reach is enormous. You want to become a hit, get your video on YouTube and you stand a good chance. I seriously doubt that Stewart and Colbert would have built such a fanbase, if it wasn’t for online sharing of their video clips. Even Microsoft is admitting that piracy does have its merits — it gets to people who may not otherwise consume your creation, and once you reach them, if your content is valued, you will convert them to customers. Even if they don’t buy, your brand is strengthened. So what’s with Viacom?

Viacom is looking for $1B from Google, and for them to filter all Viacom content from YouTube. What short term thinking.

YouTube logo“Their business model, which is based on building traffic and selling advertising off of unlicensed content, is clearly illegal and is in obvious conflict with copyright laws,” Viacom said.

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Sony’s Grouper Picks Fight With Searchles

Grouper has sent social search engine Searchles a C&D letter and, of course, it was published to the web. Here’s Searchles’ response. Grouper doesn’t like Grouper videos being streamed on the site’s new Searchles TV product. Grouper’s main complaint deals with the re-skinning of the the videos in the Searchles player, which removes their branding and feedback features.If complaints like this have any teeth, it bodes badly for media remixers such as the video multimedia player Splashcast and Cuts‘ video editor. This would be particularly bad for AdBrite’s video player, which doesn’t host it’s own content and posts its own ads to boot.


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Bugs make dress smell like old wine

There is amazing news for tech-saints Australian researchers have combined art and science to make dresses from fermented fabric, using bacteria to ‘grow’ slimy dresses from wine and beer

red-wine dress

A dress that smells like the lounge room the morning after a boozy party may be just the thing to make you stand out in a crowd.

Australian researchers have combined art and science to make dresses from fermented fabric, using bacteria to ‘grow’ slimy dresses from wine and beer.

“We’re looking at [the dresses] to provoke some discussion about future fashions, about the possibility of other material we can use instead of our normal cottons and silks,” says Gary Cass, who works on the Micro’be’ project at the University of Western Australia.

Cass is a laboratory technician at the university who, among other things, writes science fiction.

He says he was inspired to grow the dresses when he was working in a vineyard many years ago

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BenQ CFO gets locked up

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The Tell-Time Shirt

Digital Clock T-Shirt (Image courtesy Latest Buy)This Digital Clock T-Shirt is the perfect solution for anyone who hates to wear watches but still always needs to know what time it is. (And also doesn’t carry a cellphone, watch TV, listen to the radio, use a computer and lives in the desert.)

Coming only in black the Digital Clock T-Shirt has an electro-luminescent panel on the front that displays the current time in glowing green numbers. And if the static display doesn’t fit your style you can select up to 8 different flashing patterns or even switch it to a stopwatch mode.

Want a new way to carry your iPod Shuffle? Check out the iShirt,  


The shirt is powered by 4 AA AAA batteries which reside in a small, discreet pocket inside the shirt and will last between 12-36 hours depending on the flashing mode selected. And not surprisingly the shirt is hand-wash only.

The Digital Clock T-Shirt is available from for $59.95.

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Spb Backup – An ultimate Pocket PC Backup solution!

If you are looking for an ultimate Pocket PC backup solution. Go for Spb Backup Solution which allows full and custom backups. Encryption and compression. Scheduling backups and desktop PC extracting tool. Spb Backup is an application for creating reserve copies of data on your Pocket PC. It creates self-extracting compressed executables, thus making backup and restore processes very simple and intuitive. Backup scheduling supported.


Spb Backup Features:

  • NEW! Storage card backup
  • NEW! Customizable file restoration
  • Scheduled backups
  • Self-extracting executable backup files
  • Full and custom backups
  • Backup file compression
  • Backup file encryption
  • Desktop PC unpack tool

Scheduled Backups

If you do care about safety, if you don’t want to lose data, if you don’t want to accidentially forget about the regular backup, you should schedule the automatic backup copy creating. Once configured, Spb Backup will automatically add backup copies in form of self-extracting executable files, compressed and encrypted.

Spb Backup Today Plug-in

The Spb Backup Today plug-in displays your past and future backups.

  • Compatible with Spb Pocket Plus Today plug-in
  • Shows information about your last backup
  • Shows information about your next scheduled backup
  • Quick access to the program


Custom Backup

Custom backup mode allows you to customize

  • What data to backup
  • File compression
  • File encryption settings
  • Folder to save the backup file to


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