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Youpark & Dangaard Partnered

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Dangaard Telecom enters into cooperation with Mobile Weaver ApS for the purpose of providing its customers with an extra value add through a customized White Label application web- and wapshop solution.

Youpark, a complete content delivery and content management platform provides Youpark White Label Solution, a fully customized mobile content and delivery engine with support for web, WAP and ODPs .

The mobile phone is no longer just a phone, but to a higher extent a work and entertainment medium. Mobile software applications, including various games and programmes, are emerging as a key requirement of advanced mobile phone users. With a White Label application shop solution from Dangaard Telecom, – retailers, MVNO’s, and operators are guaranteed a foothold in this new market and are thus able to offer their customers access to a new and exciting world of software applications. With a limited use of resources, Dangaard Telecom’s customers are able to assert themselves in this market and achieve further earnings on mobile content.


Dangaard Telecom offers its customers a White Label application web- and wapshop solution. The solution will be adjusted in accordance with the logo of the customers; similar the product range will be tailored in keeping with the customer’s business needs. The product range is based on an application catalogue which constantly will be updated by Dangaard Telecom’s cooperation partner, Mobile Weaver, ensuring that the newest applications are available. The dynamics of the web- and wapshops make certain that the interest of the end user is maintained via the supply of games and programmes. Today the Mobile Weaver solution already provides access to several exciting applications. It is easy to implement in the present business, and requires almost no maintenance, as Dangaard Telecom and Mobile Weaver will take care of this. At the same time Dangaard Telecom offers all customers a pre-installation of a thin client, a shop application installed directly on the mobile phone and thus making it even easier for the end users to gain access to the numerous programmes. In other words, Dangaard Telecom’s customers will get an easy solution to enter the application market for the new mobile phones.



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    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

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