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Home Entertainment Buzz: Apple TV Meet TVMax+


Apple TV Meet TVMax
The match made in heaven (an Apple TV media extender and TVMax+), although the Apple TV media extender is not released yet it is a great match for the TVMax+ from Miglia who are set in our opinion to sell tons of these devices thanks to the launch of the new Apple product.

Apple tend to always create a lot of buzz when they launch new products and the Apple TV media extender is no different.
If you wish to maximize your enjoyment of the video iPod or upcoming iPhone and Apple TV then you should seriously look into purchasing the TVMax+.

Key features include:
Analog TV receiver for Cable TV channels
Online EPG supporting both tvtv & TitanTV, decide what you view with ease
Capture VHS tapes to DVD fast
Records all video content ‘on the fly’ in real time for iPod & Apple TV
Fabulous quick content provider for your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV

The TVMax+ has the simple yet beautiful lines like Apple products and aims to become your home entertainment hub.
You can visit the product page to view more information and to see what you get for the £143 price tag.


March 19, 2007 - Posted by | Mobile games

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