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Stay perfectly on time as iPod turns into an Alarm Clock!

If you’re a Geek AND iPOD owner this news is just for you!
Today Logitec is coming up with the LDS-iALARM, which is an alarm clock-looking base for the iPOD featuring 2 speakers (2x6W) and therefore gives the Apple product yet another use!
The LDS-iALARM features an old school alarm clock look, but it’s actually a dock for your Apple iPod, letting you wake up to whatever tunes happen to fill your collection.

The dock itself does not have a display — it needs your iPod for that — but it does have a couple of six watt speakers, presumably where those bell ringers are situated.

Naturally, the Logitec LDS-iAlarm is available in black or white to suit your flavor of Apple. Looks Good for people who find it so difficult to get up early in the morning!



April 6, 2007 - Posted by | Entertainment, Lifestyle, Mobile news, Productivity, Technology

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