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Sweden’s government plans legislation intercep

Sweden’s government has plans to introduce legislation that would give a special communications snooping department right to intercept and read all the electronic messages in networks that pass through the country. The majority of Finnish international communication would fall into this category.

The planned legislation has been delayed but it is not dead by any means. Naturally this has caused concern in Finland. Of course it covers also most the email, text messages, faxes, phone calls and other data transmitted to Finland from US, China, UK, Japan and many other countries.

It is well known that governments through their various organs watch all kinds of commercial and private communications. The US government has forced telecom equipment makers to build in special listening ports in network devices. China mains a very large force of officials whose task is to listen to communication, and so forth.

Yet, the Swedish initiative of giving a blanket approval for opening all the electronic communication is a step beyond of targeted eavesdropping. It seems to break all kinds of international conventions and agreements. After all, it amounts to steaming open paper envelopes and reading their contents if a mail boat or airplane happens to pass through Swedish waters or airspace.

In a mobile world all the messages and envelopes are electronic and therefore the Swedish covenant is especially repulsive to us. The swedes should be stewed in their own juice.


April 11, 2007 - Posted by | Mobile events, Mobile news

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