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Google Web Conferencing with Full Screen Video and Application Sharing

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Google has officially entered the turf of WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting and Adobe Connect with the acquisiton of Marratech, a web and video conferencing company based in Sweden.

There’s a possibility that Google will integrate Marratech web conferencing features into Google Apps Primer and Google Office to make these “virtual office” offerings more complete and compelling for the corporate world.

The Marratech video conferencing client is done in Java and available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. But it is possible to participate in Marratech meetings via the web browser without downloading the Marratech client.

Currently, the Marratech client is free while companies are required to license their server software.
Like other web conferencing software, Marratech allows users to hold virtual e-meetings and share application sceens, webpages, images and documents in the Whiteboard area. Participants can use annotation tools like pointers and markers to highlight presentations or draw on the screen


April 20, 2007 - Posted by | Nokia, Reviews, Technology

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