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Netvibes announce the Universal Widget API

Hello! The long-awaited Netvibes Universal Widget API has been released today!

Since Their  announcement, it has been thousands to subscribe to announcement list.

“We believe at Netvibes that UWA can really change the way we produce and develop widgets. We’ve been working hard to release it. As you know, the Universal Widget API will replace the Mini-Module API that was used on Netvibes”.

Netvibes Developers NetworkThe launch of the UWA effort starts with a new website, a great documentation and of course some cool examples. You will then be able to implement your widgets on Netvibes, and also to have them running on Google IG and Apple Dashboard. As promised, more platforms are currently in the process of being supported. The Opera and Vista support are just a few weeks away.

As you will experience, we have lead efforts to build a very simple API that let you leverage our Netvibes User Interface, and let you integrate HTML and Flash elements very easily.

The UWA relies on a soon-to-be-released open-source JavaScript runtime. Through JavaScript best practices, our components and templates, the UWA makes it easy to assemble a widget for any given web service. Since our primary announcement, some great platforms contacted us to collaborate on expanding the reach of UWA widgets.

Get started now! This is the place where you can find developer resources: UWA is now part of our new Developer Network website.


April 30, 2007 - Posted by | News

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