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Hot Trends is like googling yourself


Google hasintroduced their latest “feature” in Hot Trends which tracks the top 100 “break out” searches throughout each day. Several bloggers are looking to explain the peculiarities, find useful applications, or ways to “optimize” its performance. Since Google’s offerings tend to prove their value over time or exhibit some peak at a master plan, they seem to be missing its true application. This is not Zeitgeist or Trends (which was also improved today): this is merely stupid fun! A window into the broader and more useful Trends, Hot Trends casts a spotlight on the bizarre and specious, illustrating the poor spelling and typing, fickle interests, and disjointed thought processes of the collective world wide web. It is useful as distraction, entertainment, and eavesdropping … as pointless and amusing as most web usage and as masturbatory as googling yourself.


May 23, 2007 - Posted by | Best mobiles

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