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Cellfish intros mobile content portal, storage

Original mobile content publisher Cellfish Media announced the launch of, a cross-portal social network and entertainment destination portal enabling consumers to play, share and store multimedia content between mobile devices and PCs.

According to Cellfish, the portal provides consumers storage for mobile photos and videos in a free “locker”–users may also upload content from their handsets for immediate retrieval from their locker, broadcast it to other phones or publish it on their Cellfish web page. In addition, the service allows consumers to synchronize contacts and media for retrieval at any time from their handset or PC. also offers premium downloads including music and video clips, RSS feeds and user-generated content.

“We believe there’s a lack of stand-alone mobile brands that resonate with consumers,” said Cellfish Media CEO Fabrice Sergent. “’s ambition is to unite many of these assets into one central destination that improves the mobile experience and pushes entertainment into a new era.”

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Thousands line up to buy Apple iPhones

On the eve of the day of reckoning for the most-hyped gadget in recent memory, eager customers lined up Thursday, a few even braving torrential rain, to be among the first to get their hands on the coveted new cell phone from Apple Inc.

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The gadget, which combines the functions of a cell phone, iPod and wireless Web browser, will go on sale in the United States at Apple and AT&T stores at 6 p.m. Friday in each time zone.

It’s been the focus of endless anticipatory chatter and even parodied on late-night TV. It’s hogged so much of the media spotlight, a St. Paul, Minn., minor league baseball team planned to spoof its porcine mascot by selling a real ‘iPig.’

“This phone is going to blow everything out of the water,” Tony Cecchini, 40, a San Antonio, Texas, air conditioner salesman said while braving a downpour to wait outside an AT&T store Thursday morning.

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Endeca the next Google?

Endeca is going to be the next billion-dollar company in Boston. They are focusing on enterprise search, which very few people pay attention to because it’s not sexy like Web search…And I think they will go public soon,” said Dodge.

Endeca, a company that offers customized search engines for the enterprise, among other services, will do about $100 million in revenue this year, according to Don Dodge, a manager of search and the director of business development for Microsoft’s emerging business team.

Who do you think are the next big search companies to watch? Who’s going to go public? How are we going to monetize video search? Is it better to be a video search engine, or allow people to watch the video on your site once they find it?

Via Cnet

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Most Expensive Web Addresses auction

According to fobes magazine the highest domain name bought ever are who fetched $3 million and nabbed $1.8 million..

The action took place last week at the domain name auction, hosted by at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York.

But why are they so expensive ??? are they any kind of brand names ?? no !! remeber that domain name are now bought as anadvertising tools rather beinga brand name. In theory, your Web site could simply list a bunch of URLs leading to other sites that do sell paper cups; every time someone clicks one of those links, you collect a royalty–just as Google does with its AdWords service. Social networks like News Corp.’s (nyse: NWSnews people ) MySpace and Facebook operate on this same ad-based principle.

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Free iPhones for Apple employees

Witha round 3 milion apple phone lined up for launch. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that all full-time Apple employees will receive a free 8GB iPhone, while part-time employees who have been with the company for more than a year will also receive a free iPhone.
The phones are expected to be delivered to employees by the end of July, after initial consumer demand has subsided. According to Yahoo! Finance, Apple has 17,787 full-time employees.

This is not the first time Apple has givenfree product to its employees; in early 2005, the company rewarded all employees with a free 1GB iPod shuffle

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Why not to buy Iphone

The Apple iPhone arrives on Friday, and you’re probably trying to rationalize outlaying thousands of dollars over the next two years just so you can get Google Maps anywhere you go, right? Hey, I don’t blame you, but drink three of these and you’ll have no trouble in that departmentWhat’s missing from the iPhone in its current configuration? but still wanna buy and Don’t want to wait in line for an Apple iPhone? One option is to pay someone to wait in those massive lines for you.
The iPhone browsing and other Internet experience when not using wifi (i.e. when using the native AT&T data connection) is slow as molasses.

To activate the iPhone you must connect it through iTunes, either after you take it home or, at some Apple stores, through a special system.

Few more of what apple lacks 

  • No instant messaging
  • No way to IM pictures, videos, sounds (i.e. no MMS)
  • Can’t cut and paste
  • Can’t edit or save Word, Excel, PDF documents
  • Camera can’t record video
  • Can’t play Web pages with Flash
  • No access to iTunes Music Store
  • No games
  • No way to download contacts from old phones
  • Can’t turn contact lists into e-mail distribution lists
  • Can’t turn iPod songs into ring tones
  • No way to search phone book or song lists
  • No voice dialing
  • No quick way to move up or down pages
  • Not clear if there is support for Microsoft Exchange 
  • No other carrier except AT&T Wireless
  • No AT&T Wireless  insurance
  • No way to change SIM card or battery except through Apple
  • No GPS or real-time navigation system
  • No access to a fast, 3G network (for that you’ll have to wait for iPhone 2.0)

Other popular mobile Applications and games

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Google vs Microsoft.. hard to find rivals

We know that Google and Microsoft are ferocious competitors in the online search business and With the recent anti-trust complaint by Google on Microsoft Windows Vista’s search issues one needs to undersatnd how much are Google and Microsoft rivals, this can be felt with the post that was posted on a blog which i really think the blog was specifically made for this (only one post + the name suggests) which is really making waves on every 2nd email.

 Google has a good standing in the geek community. People rarely go after Google. I find it very Ironic that people hold double standards when it comes to Apple Vs Microsoft Vs Google.

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Google Asks Court to extend

Google has asked that the consent decree governing the antitrust settlement between the Department of Justice and Microsoft be extended. Citing concerns over how Microsoft has handled the desktop search function in Vista, Google told the judge that “more may need to be done to provide a truly unbiased choice of desktop search products.” The request comes just a couple of weeks after Google filed an antitrust complaint asking that the DoJ force Microsoft to alter Vista’s desktop search behavior. In the confidential complaint, Google argued that Microsoft’s search could not be be turned off and made indexing by rival programs (such as Google’s) much more difficult.

Google’s request for the Department of Justice to extend its oversight of Microsoft comes less than a week after Microsoft announced that it was going to make some changes to the default search option in Vista. The company agreed to allow users to specify which program they want to use to perform desktop searches, but that Vista would still retain its own built-in search results in the upper right-hand corner of the explorer window

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iPhone Madness

Apple retail stores will be closed on June 29 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to get ready for the premiere of iPhone. Heard of it? On their site, they announce that they’ll open the doors again at 6:00pm SHARP, with the caveat, “Be sure to arrive early — iPhone is available on a first-come, first-served basis.” No kidding.


But APPLE fanatics have already started lining up –camping out to be first to get their hands on the most anticipated gadget in years. Some of the comments to Vicarious Music, who reported on this phenomena yesterday, have suggested Steve Jobs paid them to camp out

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Motorola’s H9 Miniblue

Motorola’s H9 Miniblue headset, for use with cellphones equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, is so small that it resembles a large hearing aid, with everything fitting inside the ear. It lacks the little boom microphone jutting mouthward that many Bluetooth headsets have, and it more easily hides under hair.

The H9, which just started arriving at stores and costs $149, goes directly into the ear canal, so the caller’s voice is channeled right into the user’s head, as with high-end stereo earphones. Three differently sized tips are included for a soundproof seal.

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Billionaire Thinks in Trillions for His Computer Designs

Billionaire Thinks in Trillions for His Computer Designs

According to The New York Times Andreas Bechtolsheim plans to introduce his newest machine Tuesday.

A co-founder of Sun Microsystems plans to introduce a supercomputer that will compete for the title as world’s fastest.

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Motorola has RIM in its sights with Good 5.0

The Motorola Good Technology Group is expected to unveil a new version of its mobile email offering, Good 5.0, which is set to launch commercially in September. The upgraded version will include Microsoft’s Outlook, allowing users to prioritize messages, invite colleagues to meetings and sort emails by conversation threads. Motorola acquired Good Technology late last year for a rumored $500 million all-cash deal. Around the same time Nokia scooped up Intellisync for a comparable $430 million.

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Motorola Bluetooth shades, an unknown commodity

Oakley and Motorola have teamed up to redefine wearable technology. Motorola O ROKR are a pair of bluetooth-enable, stereo-equipped pair of ‘high definition’ sunglasses.Slip the shades on and insert the hidden earbuds. Controls for the phone are on the left arm of the glasses, and the MP3 player is on the right. Talk about convenience!

The shades themselves look pretty fashionable – for a device that lets you listen to your favorite music and answer calls.

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7.3 Mobile Broadcast TV Handsets In Japan

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) has said that mobile broadcast TV handset shipments in Japan almost doubled during the first quarter of this year, with 1.6 million one-seg handsets shipping in March reports Screen Digest. This brings the total to 7.3 million one-seg capable handsets in Japan—while not all of them will be used to watch TV, but the service is free so a great number of those with the handsets are likely to view the TV broadcasts.

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Ortiva Wireless Gets $15 Million Second Round From Comcast’s Venture Arm

Ortiva Wireless, the mobile video tech startup, has received $15 million in its second round of funding. The round was led by Comcast Interactive Capital. Ortiva’s President and CEO, DeWayne Nelon, said that the company would use the funding to expand the sales team and expand into other international markets—Ortiva is in the US and Europe, and is targeting Asia Pacific. The first round of funding was $12 million in 2005. La Jolla, CA-based Ortiva has a server-side solution which was built for mobile to improve mobile video transmission—it claims the technology uses 15-40 percent less bandwidth and handles noise and packet-loss issues. It targets content providers for off-portal and carriers for on-portal, and is closing a deal with a US carrier, and counts GoTV as a customer.

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