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Google’s Mobile Plans

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has promised more mobile applications during his keynote interview with Walt Mossberg at All Thing Digital, the last one of the conference. “Google is focusing on applications that run on mobile phones in cooperation with telecom operators, Mr. Schmidt said. He said that the small screen size of phones meant that some mobile Internet services would have to be different than those used on computers–which he said made new applications crucial,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “The new model of these phones is going to be person-to-person — with people exchanging videos and other types of data. “It’s sort of SMS gone wild,” he added. “We’re building that software,” Schmidt said, but also said that Google wants to create services for mobile phones that other software developers can build applications to work with. “The sum of that is a whole new platform thing,” he said.

Ads: Schmidt said that the ads on mobile phones are twice as profitable as non-mobile ads because they are more personal. EasyBourse gave more details on that, writing of the interview: “Today’s mobile devices are increasingly phones, cameras and computers with GPS capability that provides location data. “The sum of all of that is a very interesting ad platform,” Schmidt said. Advertisers will be able to reach these consumers via mobile services that Google is developing, the most successful of which so far has been Google Maps…”We’ve been, internally, saying ‘mobile, mobile, mobile,’ and the simple reason is everyone here has a mobile phone,” he said. “Instead of saying ‘mobile, mobile, mobile,’ I should be saying ‘apps, apps, apps’.”

The All Things Digital Blog has a summary of the talk, and the video below.


June 1, 2007 - Posted by | best mobile applications

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