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Sprite coming with its socail netework


Coca-Cola‘s 2nd biggest brand, Sprite, is experimenting on mobile social network in its desire to capture the powerful teen market. Dubbed as Sprite Yard, it is the first “community-to-go” that combines photo sharing, message board, planner, and digital downloads in one simple interface for mobile phones.

The company’s executives admit that there will be no profit from this venture. But knowing that 80% of 18-24 years old own mobile phones, it is enough motivation to create something big as this Yard.

But with social networking giants like MySpace already in the mobile playground, will Sprite Yard create the much needed buzz?

Accessing the Sprite Yard is easy and simple. Anyone with a WAP enabled phone and access to a data plan can join the Yard. Beginning June 22, U.S. consumers can text “YARD” to 59666 (“Lymon”) and receive a reply with a WAP link to access the Sprite Yard for the fist time. Clicking the link directs the mobile device to the “Yard” where they are invited to register by selecting a tag name and password. As soon as they are registered, users can opt to create a profile to share information about themselves with their friends in the Yard.

“The global adoption of mobile marketing provides a unique business opportunity for brands to create and maintain relationships with their audiences,” said Laura Marriott, President, Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). The Sprite Yard was announced today at the MMA’s Mobile Marketing Forum in New York. “With the Sprite Yard, The Coca-Cola Company is among those setting industry best practices and generating excitement around engaging consumers through mobile in fun and meaningful ways.


June 11, 2007 - Posted by | Best mobiles

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