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New services help consumers keep track of their gadgets

According to Andrew Jaquith, a security analyst with research firm Yankee Group The number of cell phones shipped this year will exceed 1 billion And laptops have become the dominant platform for personal computing.”

As more easy-to-lose items like these hit the streets, an opportunity opens up for nimble companies such as Bak2u.

When Chua Si Zhen accidentally left behind her cell phone at a cafe, it wasn’t the handset she was worried about losing. “It was the contacts, and the little info that I have in there, like my photos and everything,” says the Singaporean.

Luckily a man did return her Nokia N70 handset within an hour — but only after he tried to steal it first.

When the thief inserted his own SIM card into her phone, that triggered software she’d installed on the handset.

The program texted her family members with his phone number and other data that could be taken to the police. The thief, informed of these details by Chua’s angry husband — over his “new” phone — agreed to meet and return the handset.

The program that Chua used is called PhoneBak, and the Singapore startup behind it, Bak2u (, is one of many companies capitalizing on a trend: ever more people losing track of ever smaller devices with ever more data stored on them.

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Intel to join ‘$100 laptop’ project

 CNN reports that a nonprofit that aims to seed the developing world with inexpensive laptop computers for schoolchildren has made peace with Intel Corp., the project’s most powerful rival.


The XO laptop uses very little power and can be mechanically recharged by hand.

The One Laptop Per Child program and Intel said Friday that the chip maker would join the board of the nonprofit and contribute funding.

The nonprofit effort — known as the “$100 laptop” because of the low price it hopes to reach with mass production — has been trying to line up governments in several countries to buy the machines, which for now cost $175.

But Intel has been an obstacle. Its chairman, Craig Barrett, derided the “XO” machine from One Laptop Per Child as a mere “gadget.” And Intel recently began selling its own child-focused Classmate PC, which is a more conventional machine than the radically rethought XO computers.

The Classmate costs around $225, and Intel expects that to fall near $200 this year. Intel has deals in Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria, spokeswoman Agnes Kwan said.

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27.6% of japanese would buy IPhone


 In the poll conducted by Mitsubishi Research Institute and Rakuten Research Of those saying they are willing to buy the iPhone,

27.6% of Japanese mobile phone users would buy an iPhone if it became available in Japan.

5.2% of the 2,200 respondents to the survey said they were “very willing” to shell out the cash for their own iPhone

22.4% said they were “somewhat willing

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Apple hit by lawsuit over iphone complaints

Some news sources wrote that the battery could not be replaced by users, Business 2.0 writes that Apple may not have made it clear that the battery would have to be replaced by AT&T until after the phone was launched.

So, Apple gets a class action suit and some complaints.

It is hard to believe that the legal action will prevail. Since the battery is sealed in the phone, the replacement characteristics are obvious. But, the issue could hurt iPhone sales.

Cell phone users have become accustomed to walking into a store and buying a replacement battery. After about 400 charges the iPhone battery begins to lose its power to hold new charges and the cost to replace the battery is $80.

No matter how cool the phone is, the battery replacement will cost as much as buying some new handsets do. Some cell phone users just won’t buy that.

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Smartphone sales are growing fast

Mobile phone penetration rates around the world are showing up some interesting trends – notably developing markets are selling more phones than ever but making less money as competition tightens. Developed markets are seeing a strong swing away from basic handsets toward more advanced Smartphones – a trend that will only be enhanced by the huge popularity of mass-market targeted handsets like the iPhone, which are starting to make these devices attractive to the consumer market as opposed to just business customers. Other interesting trends include the increasing number of dual-mode WiFi/Cellular phones that can seamlessly switch between local wireless internet connections and 2G cell phone networks to make optimal use of the economic efficiency of the former and the broad coverage of the latter.

  • Worldwide revenue for mobile phones is expected to total $117.5 billion in 2010, an 18% drop from 2006
  • GSM phones made up 45% of worldwide mobile phone revenue in 2006, smartphones made up 18%, and the remainder was made up by CDMA, W-CDMA, and CDMA2000 phone sales
  • Worldwide revenue for the small but fast growing smartphone segment grew 10% in 1Q07 from 4Q06, driven by the wider availability of 3G, which unlocks the media application potential of smartphones beyond email
  • In 2006, 20% of total mobile phone revenue came from North America, 34% from EMEA, 36% from Asia Pacific, and 10% from CALA
  • The number of mobile subscribers grew 26% to 2.5 billion in 2006

July 30, 2007 Mobile phone penetration

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AT&T launches mobile data backup

AT&T launched Mobile Backup, an application that “eliminates the need to spend hours re-entering contacts into a new or replacement phone.” AT&T Mobile Backup will be available on a variety of handsets but only six Motorola ones to start: RAZR V3xx, RAZR V3i, RAZR V3r, V365, SLVR L7 and KRZR K1. AT&T Mobile Backup is powered by Asurion, and costs $1.99 a month. Release

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Blackout On The Web

According to Forbes a power outage in downtown San Francisco disabled 365 Main, a Web server company that hosts sites including Craigslist, Technorati, SixApart, Yelp, GameSpot, the homepage of Sun Microsystems (nyse: SUNnews people ) and Red Envelope. The outage, which began at about 1:45 p.m. Pacific time, disabled the sites for more than an hour.In a statement issued at 4 p.m. Pacific time, 365 Main said that it was 100% operational again and running on back-up generators until it could confirm that utility power was stable.

An initial report from the blog Valleywag blamed the event on a drunken employee, however 365 spokesperson Cynthia Harris said the rumor was unfounded.

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Cellphone USers Facts

  • 50% of US mobile phone owners own a cameraphone rising to 63% of French mobile owners and 3 out of 4 (or 75%) of us in the UK – seems we Brits like our cameraphones (good news for the guys at Moblog!)
  • Figures for using MMS have remained stable for the last 6 months with about 30% of UK phone-owners using MMS
  • 85% of UK users use text-messaging vs 39% of US mobile phone owners so the US has a little way to catch up, but I have no doubt they will over time.
  • Mobile internet browsing is a little bit down in most countries vs the last quarter but it’s still . (Hmm, I wonder if poxy data charges and slow speeds have anything to do with that?)

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AT&T nets 1.5M subscribers in Q2

AT&T’s wireless unit has posted its second quarter results, which include a net gain of 1.5 million wireless subscribers (partially thanks to the iPhone) to reach 63.7 million. “Mobility is a major growth engine for AT&T,” AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said. “Our launch with Apple of the breakthrough iPhone has quickly redefined customer expectations for their wireless experience, initial response was unprecedented, and sales in July continue to be strong. On June 29, we also announced an agreement to acquire Dobson Communications, which will further expand our wireless coverage in key rural and suburban areas.” Here are some other key metrics from the quarter:

  • The June 29 iPhone launch allowed for less than two days of sales and activations before the end of the quarter, but AT&T activated 146,000 iPhone subscribers during those two days.
  • Total service ARPU in the second quarter was $50.63, up 3.6 percent.
  • Total churn, including prepaid and reseller results, was 1.6 percent, down from 1.7 percent in the year-earlier quarter.

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Replace your Iphone Battery

ipodjuicebattery.jpgWorrisome iPhone users, are you dreading the day when your battery inevitably fails and sticks you with an $85.95 bill after you send it in to Apple to have it replaced? If you’re not afraid to try something new, you can start saving a little less each month because is hocking a replacement battery for $45 ($65 after shipping). But will you get what you pay for?

The technicians at ipodjuice seem to think so. They’re so proud of their 1400 mAh lithium-ion product (in 4Gb and 8Gb iPhone flavors) that they’re backing it up with a ten year guarantee from the date of installation. If you think you’re up to the task, they’ll even send you the battery for $25 and let you tinker with the installation process on your own. Though you’re probably years away from needing a replacement battery (knock on wood), developments like this could bode well for your eventual out-of-pocket expenses when the time does roll around

via Gizmodo

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Choose Blackberry 8800 over Iphone

On Tuesday, July 17th, Research in Motion (RIM) announced that the BlackBerry 8820 would be the first dual-mode BlackBerry to provide wireless voice and data access over both cellular and Wi-Fi wireless networks.

Much like the new Apple iPhone, the BlackBerry 8820 can switch between EDGE, GPRS and GSM networks and 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi. However, in contrast to the Apple iPhone, the 8820 does have built-in GPS support

In addition to these major drawbacks of the iPhone, our venture capitalist cites the following as reasons to prefer the BlackBerry:

  • The BlackBerry 8800 possesses GPS, which makes Google Maps much more useful, especially for turn-by-turn directions
  • The iPhone lacks basic cut and paste capabilities
  • Despite Apple’s reputation for superior user interface design, the BlackBerry possesses keyboard shortcuts that make navigation around and between applications a breeze
  • The BlackBerry’s phone quality is better than the iPhone’s
  • The Safari browser is certainly more stunning than the BlackBerry’s primitive browser, but the iPhone seems to load even text-only pages more slowly than the BlackBerry over the EDGE network
  • The BlackBerry possesses a general contacts application that makes contacting people by any given method more convenient
  • The battery runs out faster on the iPhone simply because it is used for more tasks. This makes it less reliable for when one must take the device somewhere overnight without the opportunity to recharge.

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Premium mobile content will exceed $44 billion

Firecewireless reports A new report issued by market intelligence firm iSuppli forecasts the market for premium mobile content will exceed $44 billion by 2011, more than doubling the $20 million anticipated for 2007. According to iSuppli, mobile video is the fastest-growing mobile media segment, with music and gaming also strong. However, significant regional differences are emerging:

  • In the Asian market, India leads compound annual growth rate growth of non-messaging data revenue at 40.4 percent.
  • In the Western European market, Italy will experience the strongest non-messaging data revenue CAGR through 2011 at 29 percent. While ringtones currently represent the strongest segment, video will dominate Italian mobile content revenue by 2011, followed by games.
  • In the Americas, Brazil will enjoy a 41 percent CAGR for non-messaging data revenues. In the United States, messaging revenues doubled in 2006 compared to the previous year, driven by increased peer-to-peer messaging and increased premium SMS revenue.
  • In Asia and Europe, ringtone growth is slowing as the markets mature. By 2011, China, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States will lead in ringtone sales, but many country-level markets will peak before 2011.
  • In Asia, mobile gaming growth is also slowing. Korea and Japan dominated gaming revenues in 2006.

According to iSuppli, data now accounts for 20 percent of revenue among 20 key international operators. SK Telecom, NTT DoCoMo and O2 all derive more than 30 percent of their revenues from data. “Data and content revenues are the life preservers for wireless operators, as voice ARPU declines accelerated during Q2 among the 20 key operators tracked by iSuppli,” said Mark Kirstein, iSuppli vice president of multimedia content and services. “Drawn from our deep operator profiles, aggregate voice ARPU in the first quarter declined by 6 percent sequentially compared to the fourth quarter of 2006. Meanwhile, mobile data ARPU increased by 1 percent sequentially. Data ARPU is particularly strong among North American operators, where both messaging revenue and mobile multimedia content are seeing strong growth.”

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Hi5 raises $20 million

San Francisco based social networking site Hi5 has raised $20 million in a new round of funding led by Mohr Davidow Ventures.

 Hi5 has become a global success story.

According to Alexa, Hi5 is now ranked as the 11th most popular site online above Facebook at 13th. If you’ve never heard of the site though, there is a reason; most of Hi5’s traffic doesn’t come from the United States. Hi5 is the No. 1 ranking site online in Portugal, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, and ranks at No 2 in Jamaica, Honduras and The Dominican Republic. 16.2% of visitors to Hi5 come from Peru and 7.7% from Portugal, by comparison visitors to Hi5 from the Unites States make up only 2% of the sites traffic.

As of December 2006, Hi5 claimed to have 50 million registered users.

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Google has acquired an aerial photographer!

Todays hot newsisthatGoogle’s acquisition of ImageAmerica, a company that builds high resolution cameras for the collection of aerial imagery. So if you didn’t like photos of the front of your house or car or you standing in front of a porn shop, just wait.

Arnold from Search Engine Journal notes, “Google Earth and Maps will soon be rolling out this high-res aerial imagery in the days to come. Google is hoping to strenghten its dominance on web satellite imagery and image mapping technology. ImageAmerica is expected to enhance the depth and quality of Google Earth and Maps imagery.”

I remember when the “party” area where I lived a few years ago considered installing cameras to monitor the streets outside the bars. The community was completely against it with privacy concerns being the number one factor. It will be interesting to see what type of backlash Google will see in the future as they continue their attempt to control every piece of data in the world. By data I don’t mean bits and bytes on a computer but everything we do. I remember a movie (can’t remember the name) where a camera followed behind the man as he moved and kept a full history. We are almost there folks.

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iPhone not to blame for Duke outage

Acording to, a Duke official directly implicated the iPhone for causing network issues that knocked out parts of Duke’s wireless network. But Duke spokeswoman Tracy Futhey, in a statement Friday on the school’s Web site, said: “The reality is that a particular set of conditions made the Duke wireless network experience some minor and temporary disruptions in service. Those conditions involve our deployment of a very large Cisco-based wireless network that supports multiple network protocols.”

Cisco added that it worked closely with Duke and Apple to identify the source of this problem, and has “provided a fix that has been applied to Duke’s network and the problem has not occurred since,” according to a statement.

A Cisco representative declined to comment on the exact fix that was applied, and whether other customers will be affected by a similar problem.

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