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Ad preferences based on age, gender

Firece wireless ahas an interesting post according to which A new study issued by mobile media publisher MoMac and market research firm Tickbox says mobile advertising must match specific consumer criteria as responsiveness to different kinds of ads is dependent on age and gender. According to the study, men and women exhibit clear differences in their preferences for mobile ad formats: Text-based links are the most popular overall at 56 percent. There’s a clear female bias of 60 percent in comparison with 47 percent of men. Picture or banner-based advertising is favored by 29 percent of users overall, and only under one in three consumers ages 25 to 34; while 22 percent of men stated a preference for video-based advertising, just 12 percent of women said they would be most likely to respond to a video ad. Video formats also were most popular with younger users–23 percent of users between 16 and 24 selected video as their preferred format.

MoMac adds that content providers must consider a variety of payment models. Ad-funded content is poised to become dominant with younger mobile users, with 47 percent of 16-24-year-olds preferring free content in exchange for viewing ads; only 32 percent of the youth market opted for a pay-as-you-download model, and only 3.9 percent said preferred content via a subscription. Conversely, 55 percent of respondents aged 45 or older opted for pay-as-you-download options, with 54 percent of women selecting the method compared with 41 percent of men.


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