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Planning your banner ad Campaign

A quick test: how many of you can name the product being advertised in the banner ad at A research predicts that around 80% advertsements seen are forgotten with in next 24 hours!!!

If you’ve spent any time surfing the Internet, you’ve seen more than your fair share of banner ads. These small rectangular advertisements appear on all sorts of Web pages and vary considerably in appearance and subject matter, but they all share a basic function: if you click on them, your Internet browser will take you to the advertiser’s Web site.

Planning a successful banner advertising campaign takes a bit of time and effort. But if done correctly, banner campaigns can result in a good return-on-investment (ROI) in terms of both branding and sales. What follows are steps to consider when planning a banner ad campaign

  • Research where to purchase advertising space
  • General or specific sites
  • Select a couple of web sites and screen them for audience, unique visiotrs etc  W.R.T your product
  • Contact your banner representative
  • Find out the banner submission guidelines
  • Check for special rates
  • Ask for discounts (This works hell)
  • Get it in writing
  • Retrieve banner statistics
  • In case of blogs do research the Comments visiotrs make which give youan ide of audience.
  • Major portals have very detailed banner submission guidelines on what they will allow you to feature. Important things to ask about are:

    • maximum file size (in K)
    • allowable file formats (GIF, animated GIF, HTML form banners, javascript, Flash, Shockwave, applets, etc.)
    • design restrictions
    • banner dimensions (in pixels)
    • deadlines for submission
    • how many banners you may submit at one time for rotation
    • how often banners are rotated
    • what lead time they need before making your banner appear on their sites
    • where will your banner be featured – on what page and where on the page

    There are many media buying houses these days where you can buy ads for specific websites but for that you have to go through publishers website realy like FM and ADBRITE


    July 9, 2007 - Posted by | advertisng

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