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Orkut a victim of its own success!!


The social networking site’s  Orkut members were dominated by users in the U.S., with 59% of the user base. But the hype didn’t last long in the U.S. Over the past three years, the percentage of users from the U.S. kept declining, with only 18% left as of today. but whay has this gone so raw for memebers that they are going for new social platforms lie facebook

It appears that Orkut is a victim of its own success! There are lot people who wants a complete ban on Orkut access. Already many countries have blocked Orkut access completely. Here are some examples,

  1.  Orkut is banned in UAE following allegations that it promotes “immorality”. Many in gulf countries believe that Orkut has a “corrupting influence on youth”.
  2.  Religious fanatics in India (Siva Sena and the like) is calling for a ban on Orkut. They want a ban because some of their heros are not very respected in some communities. In fact they went on to vandalize cybercafes in Mumbai.
  3. Most of the companies already ban Orkut. They feel that “employee productivity” is seriously affected due to Orkut access.

The most funny thing is that there are millions of sites worse than Orkut in all the above cases. There are a lot of shocking “immoral” sites out there on the internet. There are dedicated hate sites against everyone. Every day sites are popping up which can be hardly called “productivity boosting”. Why is that only Orkut is targetted?

The reason is obvious. Orkut is an internet phenomenon. Many people use it to connect to friends, organize birthday parties and because of its “social factor”. The only thing is, not everyone is happy to see smiling faces all around! -)

Another funny thing is people who are smart enough will find ways to circumvent the ban. There are millions of proxy sites out there and every day you have thousand new ones popping up If Google’s going to acquire Facebook, hurry up and buy


July 10, 2007 - Posted by | facebook, orkut

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  1. i wonder why the world goes against it!! i was happy to get back to my collegemates and old long lost freinds after the arrival of orkut. now the place where i have been living for the past 10 years has banned the orkutting.. i really miss my freinds.. as am not a computer nerd and do not much hi -tech ways to get to my freinds.. just bcoz of some sick minded people,, the rest of the innocent community who found this website the best of its kind to keep in touch with all is in vain..
    god bless their souls.. i swear am eagerly awaiting for the authorities to lift the ban on orkut….

    Comment by Jacob | July 10, 2007 | Reply

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