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Cellphone USers Facts

  • 50% of US mobile phone owners own a cameraphone rising to 63% of French mobile owners and 3 out of 4 (or 75%) of us in the UK – seems we Brits like our cameraphones (good news for the guys at Moblog!)
  • Figures for using MMS have remained stable for the last 6 months with about 30% of UK phone-owners using MMS
  • 85% of UK users use text-messaging vs 39% of US mobile phone owners so the US has a little way to catch up, but I have no doubt they will over time.
  • Mobile internet browsing is a little bit down in most countries vs the last quarter but it’s still . (Hmm, I wonder if poxy data charges and slow speeds have anything to do with that?)

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July 25, 2007 - Posted by | mobile facts

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  1. You’ve made some good points about data charges and slow speeds. Mobile phones that can view websites are the future. And you’re absolutely right that these two issues are very important problems. The web is definitely going mobile, so I’m sure they’ll be overcome. Browsing the Internet from mobile phones, PDAs and Blackberrys is now taking off. More than 70 percent of all phones now come with a web browser, and they are in the hands of 1.8 billion people worldwide. So it’s a massive market. But there is an issue to be addressed. More people are using laptops which have screens that are more rectangular than desktop PCs, so there’s a tendency these days for websites to be designed in a more ‘landscape’ format with horizontal navigations too. This is totally the opposite of what you need in order to view a website on a mobile phone. Here you need a vertical format. Luckily there a company I know that can convert websites into a suitable format for mobile phones. They are very good and nice people to do business with too:

    Comment by Jenny Andrews | July 25, 2007 | Reply

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