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Choose Blackberry 8800 over Iphone

On Tuesday, July 17th, Research in Motion (RIM) announced that the BlackBerry 8820 would be the first dual-mode BlackBerry to provide wireless voice and data access over both cellular and Wi-Fi wireless networks.

Much like the new Apple iPhone, the BlackBerry 8820 can switch between EDGE, GPRS and GSM networks and 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi. However, in contrast to the Apple iPhone, the 8820 does have built-in GPS support

In addition to these major drawbacks of the iPhone, our venture capitalist cites the following as reasons to prefer the BlackBerry:

  • The BlackBerry 8800 possesses GPS, which makes Google Maps much more useful, especially for turn-by-turn directions
  • The iPhone lacks basic cut and paste capabilities
  • Despite Apple’s reputation for superior user interface design, the BlackBerry possesses keyboard shortcuts that make navigation around and between applications a breeze
  • The BlackBerry’s phone quality is better than the iPhone’s
  • The Safari browser is certainly more stunning than the BlackBerry’s primitive browser, but the iPhone seems to load even text-only pages more slowly than the BlackBerry over the EDGE network
  • The BlackBerry possesses a general contacts application that makes contacting people by any given method more convenient
  • The battery runs out faster on the iPhone simply because it is used for more tasks. This makes it less reliable for when one must take the device somewhere overnight without the opportunity to recharge.

July 25, 2007 - Posted by | blackberry, iphone

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