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New services help consumers keep track of their gadgets

According to Andrew Jaquith, a security analyst with research firm Yankee Group The number of cell phones shipped this year will exceed 1 billion And laptops have become the dominant platform for personal computing.”

As more easy-to-lose items like these hit the streets, an opportunity opens up for nimble companies such as Bak2u.

When Chua Si Zhen accidentally left behind her cell phone at a cafe, it wasn’t the handset she was worried about losing. “It was the contacts, and the little info that I have in there, like my photos and everything,” says the Singaporean.

Luckily a man did return her Nokia N70 handset within an hour — but only after he tried to steal it first.

When the thief inserted his own SIM card into her phone, that triggered software she’d installed on the handset.

The program texted her family members with his phone number and other data that could be taken to the police. The thief, informed of these details by Chua’s angry husband — over his “new” phone — agreed to meet and return the handset.

The program that Chua used is called PhoneBak, and the Singapore startup behind it, Bak2u (, is one of many companies capitalizing on a trend: ever more people losing track of ever smaller devices with ever more data stored on them.


July 31, 2007 - Posted by | gadgets, mobile facts

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