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100 facts on wireless industry

The CTIA has comile ad list of 100 facts o wireless industry 

1 In 2006, wireless consumers were contributing about 33% of the federal 
   Universal Service Fund, while wireless providers withdrew only about 16% 
   of the funds available.

On average, wireless consumers pay 14.5% of their bill in taxes and fees – 
   that’s more than twice the tax-rate for general goods and services.

99% of Americans are now living in counties in which next-generation
   wireless services are available.

The number of wireless complaints to the FCC fell 40% from 3Q05 to 3Q06.

There are more than 229 million wireless subscribers in America.

Wireless service was once projected to be a niche market appealing to a 
   maximum of 900,000 by the year 2000.

According to the FCC, 35% of the growth in all reported high-speed lines 
   between June, 2005 to December, 2005 was attributable to mobile wireless.

In 2003, wireless service providers’ revenues constituted more than $11.5 
   billion of California’s economy.

Available to more than 93% of mobile subscribers, Wireless AMBER Alerts 
   is an initiative that allows wireless subscribers to opt in to receive Wireless
   AMBER Alerts as free text messages on their cell phones.

More facts here


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