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After Iphone its Google phone paving its way

Google has been aggressive in developing location based services, has amp-ed up its local search and mapping services. In addition, it has also been mobilizing its applications such as GTalk and GMail. YouTube, the video arm of Google, is beginning to embrace the mobile ecosystem.

The media has been abuzz over the past 24 hours as the Wall Street Journal has reported that Google has begun presenting their phone strategy to carriers. While much of this information is not new, the fact that mass media is covering it, has caused new focus on the initiative. Speculations have been roused once more concerning Google’s foray into the mobile segment as Reuters and The Wall Street Journal last week reported the search engine giant had invested hundreds of millions for a cellphone project.

The WSJ report also said Google has developed prototype phones and talked over technical specifications with manufacturers including LG Electronics.

But Google continued to dodge questions on whether it actually has mobile hardware in the pipeline. In an email response to Reuters, Google said it is “partnering with carriers, manufacturers, and content providers around the world,” but gave no further details. It has said wireless was an increasingly important market but it has not announced plans to build a phone.

Reports of Google’s cellphone venture have been persistent since early this year, but the company had repeatedly declined to make any confirmation.


August 6, 2007 - Posted by | Google phone, iphone

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