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Google news now with comments

Google announced a new feature today for their Google News web site that allows people involved in news stories to post dissenting (or concurring) view points next to published news items

Google News is asking people who are in news stories to email them comments about the story, which will be associated with those articles. From the Google News Blog post:

The way this whole crazy thing works is that any person mentioned in a story picked up by Google News can email their comment to The wannabe commenter must use their real name and be able to verify they are, in fact, the person represented in the story (this should be SO fun for Google to figure out!). Once approved, the comment with be attached to the story on an individual story page (!). It’s probably also worth noting that there’s no link involved. There’s not even a nofollowed link, the link just isn’t present at all. If Google thinks this is going to deter comment spam, it’s not. Anybody even remotely mentioned in the story is going to start leaving “valuable” comments just to get themselves a little more search engine love for vanity searches. This is bad, bad, bad.

 This help page explains the process more. You email Google telling them your comment, the story you’re commenting on, your contact info and how they can verify your address.



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