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ZOHO so cool in email Attachments,chat wiki,creator

Online office suite Zoho released another product tonight, called Zoho Viewer. It is similar to Scribd (and the upcoming Docstoc) – upload an office or PDF document for easy viewing on Zoho’s website or embedded into other web pages.

Google has its studio of tools, but Zoho is close on Google’s tail. I learned about Zoho from Kathy Schrock’s presentation at NECC 2007, but she only mentioned the Zoho database. Since then Zoho has added a number of applications

 Zoho isn’t looking to create a community around documents like Scribd does. All documents are private and you must know the URL to view them. They are not listed in any directory or searcheable. So it is useful primarily to quickly upload email attachments and other documents you want to share with a few people but not the whole world. Viewers can also quickly download the document in its original format.

Zoho Writer – Online Word Processor
Zoho Sheet – Online Spreadsheet
Zoho Show – Online Presentation tool
Zoho Notebook – Create, Aggregate and Collaborate with multiple types of content online.
Zoho Planner – Online todo list
Zoho CRM – Customer Relationship Management. This looks like a help desk for small businesses. The first 3 lines are free and then it is $12/month for each line after that.
Zoho Creator – Online database (I embedded my first database file below)
Zoho Wiki – Online Wiki
Zoho Chat – You guessed it – a way to type at each other online.
Zoho Mail – Collaboration groupware. Sounded interesting but it is a beta and I believe that it is all written in the Indian language (Hindi? Tamil?) I look forward to this being developed.
Zoho Meeting – Hold an online meeting. Looked like you can share slideshows, communicate through VOIP, even take control of another person’s computer for troubleshooting.
Zoho Polls – Create surveys and polls.

These are all free. I haven’t had a chance to look at all of them, but it looks promising.

I am embedding a form for completing my database for Web 2.0 Applications below. I copied the HTML code from the Zoho Creator database page and pasted it into the HTML for this page. I have even set it so that I will receive an email notification whenever someone adds a record.


August 9, 2007 - Posted by | Best mobiles


  1. Zoho sounds like soho. But I like the idea that everything computer can be shifted to my handphone. Three cheers for zoho. Hope it will be free forever.

    Comment by William | August 9, 2007 | Reply

  2. I always think that motorola and hp will be ahead of this industry. I remember that a normal price motorola’s handphone can read the sms to me. I never expect a brand like zoho will overtake them. Keep up the good work, zoho.

    Comment by Yap | August 9, 2007 | Reply

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