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What do People say About Iphone (Voices Tha surveyers never Counts)

Is Iphone heating into lot of troubles??Sure they are but what is that people think of iphone.Here is a quick cap of what most of he voices are heard on internet for iphone.

  • Am I going to be forced to use terrible horrible no-good AT&T with this phone too? If so, I pass. (If Verizon is involved, then I’m on board.)
  • iPhone is for teens who want to show-off, it doesn’t offer nothing special
  • I phone can be more useful business man for better communication handling their business sitting away from their office. & Just a toy for teenagers playing games while attending classes
  • I’d love to have one, but I will wait until the price comes down
  • ooooo pretty. I think I want this one. Even though I love my iMac and iPod, something turns me off from the iPhone. I wonder which carrier they will partner with
  • I don’t even car about the features, that phone is BEAUTIFUL. I wants.
  • WOAH! I love it! It’s even sexier than the iPhone! I hope it’s not on stupid Cingular/AT&T. If it’s true to the Google spirit, it will be available for all carriers.
  • Is this a confirmed rumor… That Google is making a phone? I’ve heard it debunked a few times. But I would totally love it if they did make one.
  • It’s kinda cute but I’ll stick with my Blackberry Pearl for righ tnow until something better comes along
  • i am a google fan! If they pair with verizon that would be awesome as verizon rocks. I wonder if this is why verizon passed on the iphone? they were alredy in talks with google?

August 15, 2007 - Posted by | iphone

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