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Fierce action in the Dark Future: Super free game for Nokia

Last War turned the City into a wasteland of ruins and radiation. Survivors renamed it Necropolis, the City of Dead. Hope still lingered in the settlement of Haven, until a deadly plague struck. Now Marshal Zek, their cyborg guardian, has to venture out into the surrounding urban wasteland. Zek is tough and upgrades can make him even tougher, but is he tough enough to survive the shadows of Necropolis?

Just Click the pic to enjoy this game , its nice one – free available at


CyberBlood by Rovio Mobile is a thrilling mobile game of intense action, epic conflict, and intrigue by both Man and Machine. Rich in detail and with parallax scrolling foreground and background, its world is a gigantic urban wasteland, where gangs and mutants fight with what little remains of the society in the form of settlements. Powerful and well-armed to begin with, the player can improve himself further by purchasing modules with special powers. Success depends on firepower, modules and a good choice of tactics.



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GlucoPhone a reality

GlucoPhone a reality

GlucoPhone a reality

The GlucoPhone is definitely an interesting contraption since it is capable of sending blood glucose data over the Internet, thanks to a special glucose meter (known as the GlucoPack) that has been fitted onto the back of a cellphone. All you need to do is stick your test strip into a little slot on the side of the phone, bleed into it, and send a text message of your results to an online database. The GlucoPhone currently rides on the Verizon LG5200 handset which isn’t too hot to begin with. Why can’t they release it on something more modern?


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Nokia N95 8GB coming to UK before Christmas?

Black Nokia N95 8GBWow, that would be awesome — at least for citizens of the UK. Other parts of Europe would follow soon, I guess…

Anyway, at this stage we have no official word from the Finish handset manufacturer whether this is true or not — apparently, this information comes from one of the UK networks and somehow it makes sense. After all, the time before Christmas is the best-selling season for most products, handsets included. C’mon Nokia – do it! We all wait for the better version of the N95 with more storage and more RAM. And then, make it available throughout Europe, Asia and the rest of the “GSM world!”

Via Intomobile

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Skype Crashes and EBay takes a 1 Billion Dollar Dive

According toS kype spokesperson  the crew is working hard to get the service back by August 17th. the porblems exists far & wide

Skype journal reported that 1.3 million Skype users were connected to the SkypeUPDATE: 0800 Pacific: 1.8 million online. 500,000 people reconnected in 3 hours.

UPDATE: 0825 Pacific: 2.5 million online. See chart snapshot below.picture-of-a-recovery

However i feel the problem is still out there for millions around the world.

TechCrunch reports EBay Sees $1 Billion Knocked Off Market Cap As Skype Outages Continue today The Skype outage is now approaching 18 hours (at the time of writing) with little information coming from Skype other than that the issue is related to “sign-on problems.” Skype earlier in the day was forced to deny rumors that their platform had either been hacked or subject to a cyber attack.

Although there are many alternatives to Skype like http://www.jajah.coma nd but still users cannot avoid the most disruptive technology for anthing else.

According toS kype spokesperson  the crew is working hard to get the service back by August 17th. the porblems exists far & wide

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Did Microsoft Update caused problemsi Skype

The theory about Microsoft updates causing the Skype problem didn’t mean other operating systems weren’t affected, such as the Mac.

The theory was that a Microsoft update somehow changed the TCP stack or changed how the Microsoft operating system interacted with Skype. Let’s assume the vast majority of Windows users set their patch to auto-install. Then let’s assume Skype is 80-90% Windows users. That means that a lot of Windows users installed the patch last night and lots of Windows supernodes could be knocked offline.

The side effect would be that without enough Windows supernodes, Mac users would be booted as well. Though you’d think the network would be flexible enough to handle millions of Windows users knocked offline.

Again, this was just a theory. It more likely has to do with something Skype is doing on their network.

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Skype is experiencing a major outage

Skype is experiencing a major outage. My fellow TMC co-workers noticed it late Wednesday when they couldn’t IM fellow co-workers. TMC’s Dave Rodrqiguez told me that he went home for the day, signed into Skype from home and was bombarded with a ton of Skype IM messages that didn’t go through earlier. I checked Skype’s home page but no mention there. I headed over the the Skype heartbeat page and found that that there are indeed experiencing an outage that is still happening today (Thursday). Skype claims the outage is due to a software issue. Many TMCers are upset they can’t IM their fellow coworkers and their outside clients. Amazing how dependent we’re become on Skype for our business.

Skype outage
Some users are able to connect to the Skype network but then are quickly disconnected just minutes later. According to Skype, “We expect this to be resolved within 12 to 24 hours.” This has to be the longest Skype outage ever.

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Mobile Advertising Reaches for the Sky

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the specifics, but nearly everyone thinks
the mobile world is a good one for some kind of advertising.

Mobile advertising seems to be an industry that’s about ready to explode, chasing the billions already being spent on Internet advertising. But mobility, although it has unmatched attractions for advertisers, also is a business very much in a state of flux. What has everyone so excited about mobile advertising is what has happened on the Internet. Ad spending on the Web is growing at a compound annual rate of 18.3% and will reach $73 billion in 2011, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The consultancy says Internet advertising will comprise 14% of the entire global advertising market by that year. 

Another research company, eMarketer, expects Internet ad spending in the United States to total $19.5 billion this year Nielsen NetRatings says the top 10 Internet advertisers in the United States spent $278.4 million in June alone, led by InterActive Corporation’s $47.2 million. Those numbers exclude search advertising, which is

 the fastest-growing segment of Internet advertising.

9-strategychart.gif If mobile advertising follows that spending curve, it’s no wonder the industry sees big things ahead. Strategy Analytics is forecasting advertisers will spend $1.4 billion on mobile media this year, with that rising to $14.4 billion in 2011. eMarketer says mobile ad spending reached $1.5 billion last year and will grow to $14 by 2011. 

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