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Iphone wireless reception imporved in latest update

Apple has improved its wireless reception in its new relased update version 1.0.2,  

” On the MacRumors Forums, user KLFloyd wrote,


“The first thing different I’ve noticed is that my AirPort reception is far improved. For whatever reason, even when in the same room as my base station I would only get 1-2 bars of AirPort reception. Now I have full reception everywhere in my condo. Not sure if the reception is really any better or if the indicator is fixed.”

User schmulz agreed, “My wifi reception is definitely better. While in my office I have never been able to connect to the wifi hub in the conference room down the hall. After the update I was surprised that the Edge connection seemed faster, until I realized I was connected to the wifi hub with two bars. For me, this is a huge issue, as I was preparing to try to deal with whatever hassle it would take to get the wifi connection extended to my office area. Yes!!!”


August 23, 2007 - Posted by | apple

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