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Samsung has announced the G800,5-Megapixel Cameraphone

Samsung has announced the G800, what it calls the world’s first 5-megapixel cameraphone with 3X optical zoom. The handset also includes other high-end digital camera features such as panorama shots, multishots and macro-shots, as well as a video editing application so users can easily cut, paste and edit their own films from their handsets. The G800 also includes face detection and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) features.

Designed for 2-handed grip when taking pictures, the G800’s 2.4-inch QVGA LCD display allows users to view the screen like a digital camera. The 3X optical zoom is an inner zoom, so that the lens does not extend outside the body of the phone.



“As multi-megapixel cameraphone becomes more and more popular, the needs of actual digital camera-like features grow together. Samsung’s G800 will satisfy the unmet needs in the camera category with a true digital camera-like design and functionality,” Geesung Choi, president of Samsung’s Telecommunication Network, said in a statement. “The G800 will enable users to capture and share precious moments in their daily lives through the enhanced camera functions in a fast 3G network.”

The Samsung G800 will be available in Europe beginning next month.


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