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i-mate Launches in the Americas

i-mate, a global manufacturer of high performance Windows Mobile devices and related peripherals, today announced the launch of its Ultimate range of wireless devices in the Americas — the Ultimate 6150, 8150, 8502, and 9502. The Ultimate range offers high-end device specifications — including video out that can drive video onto a plasma screen and the fastest radio connection of any Windows Mobile device — in a variety of form factors making them the mobile devices of choice for businesses and consumers seeking both functionality and style. The Ultimate range is powered by the Windows

Mobile 6 operating systemimate-jamin.jpg.

n addition, the Ultimate range provides the following features that differentiate the devices in the global smartphone market:

+ XGA Direct Video Out: One of the advanced and exclusive features of the Ultimate devices is XGA direct video out, which connects with projectors and LCD monitors to offer 1024×768 display resolution. This allows users to present Microsoft Office applications and videos directly from their Ultimate device onto a secondary display — without any need for a laptop!

+ GPS Built In: The Ultimate 8502 and 9502 feature integrated GPS, and with Windows Live Search, customers can find everything from phone numbers to a hotel with turn-by-turn directions and GPS location. Unlimited possibilities for location-based applications and services.

+ Custom i-Q: For the same price as other smartphones, i-mate provides extensive value-add for IT administrators, SIs, VARs, and consumers. i-mate’s Custom i-Q software makes it easy to configure Ultimate devices using a straightforward Web interface, which simplifies device provisioning-configure global policies, push down software applications to devices in the field, and much more.

+ Superior Out-of-the-Box Experience: i-mate’s Custom i-Q software takes the struggle out of getting customers up and running quickly on new devices, providing an out of the box experience that is unmatched in the industry. Power on your Ultimate, type in your customization credentials, and i-mate downloads the information over-the-air (OTA) and you’re all set.

+ Secure i-Q: i-mate’s device management software puts control back into the enterprise administrator’s hands, offering the ability to “wipe” devices in the field in realtime, enhancing security and safeguarding data. i-mate’s device security is unrivaled in the global wireless industry.

+ Support i-Q: i-mate’s premium, worldwide 24/7 support with live chat and local service centers worldwide.

+ Flexibility and Freedom: i-mate devices can be sold “unlocked,” allowing users to pick the carrier of their choice.

+ Variety of Form Factors: the Ultimate range is available in a variety of form factors, from traditional candy-bar designs with the 6150 and 8150, to open QWERTY keyboards on the 8502 and the sliding 9502.


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  1. Release Date for Imate 9502 ???

    Comment by rasesh | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. Interested in knowing that when I-mate 9502 will be available for sale in Pakistan.

    Comment by Jawaid | February 20, 2008 | Reply

  3. Good news for me.

    Comment by justin hopes | April 7, 2009 | Reply

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