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Vopium for Nokia Mobile

Vopium has released world’s first Mobile VoIP application to on BlackBerry App World however it has already release its Iphone and Symbian versions. Vopium wonders its  cost savings package  for mobile users up to 90%  whether making an international call or sending an SMS.  If you choose to make the call through Vopium you will pay the domestic tariff along with a tariff for the call abroad, which is up to 90 % cheaper than what the regular mobile operators are charging. This is because Vopium automatically transfers the call to a much cheaper line of the same quality. Minutes can be pre-paid through the internet and can be paid with all major credit cards.
The Vopium solution automatically re-routes calls via the cheapest available route, ensuring that customers are always able to save money when calling international numbers. The Vopium application can be downloaded directly without any hassle.SYMBIAN_11_251
How to download Vopium on Nokia 
• Send an SMS to 1231 by writing Vopium in the text area you will receive two SMS’s, the first SMS entails your Registered Username and your Portal Password and the second SMS would contain link to download Vopium Application in your Handsets.
• Open the SMS text message. You will see a web link; Click on the link.
• After that following screen will appear while opening link.
• It will start downloading the application in your hand set.
• Your screen will display Install Vopium? Select Yes to continue.
• Press Continue to complete the installation.
• Then it will ask that where you want to save it in Phone memory or in Memory card Select where you want to save.
• It will show Resources Usage message press Yes or No. Installation process is complete now you are ready to use Vopium.
Currently Vopium is offering Free 30 Minutes of International calls with 30 SMS for Free. For more details visit:
How do I make calls with Vopium?
Simply go to your contacts and select the person you want to call (or dial the number manually) and your international call will go through Vopium.
NOTE: Make sure the destination number is in the correct international format, country code first (for example, +45 before 12345678).

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