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Nokia launches 6301 UMA phone

Nokia 6301 – UMA technology
With UMA technology, the Nokia 6301 benefits operators as well, allowing them to deliver voice and data services to subscribers over WLAN, substantially increasing mobile service availability while decreasing the costs related to network deployment.

Nokia 6301 UMA phone – Orange
Yves Maitre, Senior Vice President, Devices, Orange said “The Nokia 6301 is a stylish new addition to our Unik range of converged fixed and mobile phones. Orange’s Unik offer brings together the convenience of a single phone and tariff at home and on the move and the widest range of UMA handsets. The Nokia 6301, with its sleek candy bar design and attractive stainless steel exterior adds to the appeal of Unik for Orange customers.”


Nokia Desk Stand DT-23 – WLAN connected
The Nokia 6301 is an evolution of the modern monoblock design. Weighing a mere 93 grams and measuring less than 13.1mm thin, the Nokia 6301 is constructed of quality materials. To accompany the UMA technology, the Nokia 6301 also offers consumers a modern suite of features, including a 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom and full screen viewfinder. Ideal for home and office, the Nokia 6301 comes with an attractive desk stand, the Nokia Desk Stand DT-23, to hold the phone and keep its battery charged while connected to WLAN.

Nokia 6301 UMA mobile phone – Features
• 2-inch QVGA screen
• USB/PC Synchronization
• Internal user memory of 30MB and 128MB in-box microSD card
• Support for up to 4GB microSD cards
• Voice dialing, voice commands and voice recording
• MP3 player, FM radio
• Integrated hands-free speaker
Nokia 6301 Price & Availability
The Nokia 6301 mobile phone has a talk-time of up to 3.5 hours and a standby time of up to 14 days. The Nokia 6301 is expected to begin shipping to select markets in Europe during the fourth quarter of 2007 with an estimated retail price of 230 EUR before subsidies or taxes.

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One more in Nokia Eseries E51 – Slim and Super


Nokia today bolstered its Nokia Eseries portfolio of business devices with the introduction of the new Nokia E51 device. The slim and elegant Nokia E51 adds greater simplicity, faster access and tighter integration to key applications, while maintaining the smartphone capabilities and stylish design that customers have come to expect in a Nokia Eseries device. An all-round device, Nokia E51 is ideal for business professionals who require reliable, real-time access to business and people, need to manage time effectively and value a single device that is easy to set up, maintain and use. Nokia E51 users with Nokia mobility solutions can experience mobile telephony, mobile email and messaging, office phone functionality, and cost savings – with the convenience of one phone number, one voice mailbox, one dial plan – in a single device.

Some of the key features of the Nokia E51 phone are:

  • FM radio, music and multimedia players
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Nokia browser, serving as the gateway to a variety of Internet services including interoperability with Windows Live, providing mobile access to Windows Live services including Hotmail, Messenger and Spaces, available through the Nokia Download! application
  • One Touch keys with one-click access to key functionalities including email, contacts, calendar and the home screen
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    Sony Ericssion T650i – New Design Route


    Sony Ericsson has dubbed its latest device, the T650i, as a style icon. UK and Ireland marketing manager Ian Finn said the manufacturer was going down a ‘new design route’, as it’s known for its camera and music devices, rather than fashion handsets. ‘It is for the person who wants to make a statement with their phone,’ he said.


    The device comes in stainless steel casing and has a scratch-proof mineral glass screen. It is also a 3G device with a 3.2 megapixel camera and comes with a desk stand, carry case and a 256MB memory stick.


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    UltraIM Pro : Version 1.2 for Nokia / Motorola and sonyEricsson


    UltraIM Pro is the best, feature-rich mobile MSN client. It supports not only text chatting, Smileys, but also files and photos sharing between MSN clients and mobile MSN clients. Furthermore, UltraIM Pro also supports other advanced MSN features, like “MSN display picture” changing and receiving. This software is really the best MSN mobile application that you can find. It is the most popular dedicated MSN mobile application and is recommended between MSN lovers. Our target is to deploy full.


    Main AdvantageSend photos or files to your MSN friends via absolute peer-to-peer way. UltraIM Pro supports genuine P2P file sending like real MSN does. Unlike other mobile instant messengers on the market, most of them upload photos or files to their server first, then notify your MSN friend to download them again. UltraIM Pro sends photos and files to your MSN friends directly, never passed by our server!

    The only mobile messenger supports “MSN display picture” changing and receiving! UltraIM Pro is the only mobile messenger that supports “MSN display picture” and utilizes the power of your camera phone. All you have to do is to take pictures and set it as your display picture in UltraIM Pro, then buddies chatting with you will see the picture automatically! The picture sharing is implemented by peer-to-peer technology, never passed by any server. Once the picture is transferred it won`t be transferred again, because receivers have cached the picture, just like real MSN does!

    UltraIM Pro is real proxyless. Why proxyless is very important? It means you can connect as a standard MSN client without any compromise. And connecting to the public MSN network directly can save you money by reducing network flow significantly. In order to provide a fast, economical and full-functionality service, UltraIM Pro connects you directly to the public MSN network, not via proxy server.


    • Sound notification for selected users when they are online NEW!
    • Message templates NEW!
    • Change in contact’s icon for incoming messages NEW!
    • A bandwidth usage meter NEW!
    • Auto detected, scalable icons for high resolution phones (Nokia N80, N90, etc…)   NEW!
    • Send photos or files to your MSN friends via genuine peer-to-peer way
    • The only mobile messenger supports “MSN display picture” changing and receiving
    • Save chat history
    • Real proxyless, connect directly to the public MSN network
    • Support sign in status (you can pre-set your status before signing in)
    • Presence as on mobile device or on PC
    • Add and remove contacts. Contact list keep synchronized with MSN client on your PC automatically
    • Support classification by groups or online/offline status, you can manage up to hundreds of contacts easily
    • Block and unblock contacts
    • Support multiple conversation sessions
    • Invite multiple contacts to join one conversation (create a conference)
    • Change your display name and status at any moment
    • Built in about 40 emoticons
    • Sound notification for login, error and new messages
    • Support multiple characters, including English, all Western, Cyrillic, Central European languages and Far Eastern languages
    • One time license fee and free updates

     Download now

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    World’s Best Travel Software’s for your Mobile Devices


    Enhance your traveling experience…
    With World’s Best Travel Software
    for your handheld device


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    Google’s Mobile Plans

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt has promised more mobile applications during his keynote interview with Walt Mossberg at All Thing Digital, the last one of the conference. “Google is focusing on applications that run on mobile phones in cooperation with telecom operators, Mr. Schmidt said. He said that the small screen size of phones meant that some mobile Internet services would have to be different than those used on computers–which he said made new applications crucial,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “The new model of these phones is going to be person-to-person — with people exchanging videos and other types of data. “It’s sort of SMS gone wild,” he added. “We’re building that software,” Schmidt said, but also said that Google wants to create services for mobile phones that other software developers can build applications to work with. “The sum of that is a whole new platform thing,” he said.

    Ads: Schmidt said that the ads on mobile phones are twice as profitable as non-mobile ads because they are more personal. EasyBourse gave more details on that, writing of the interview: “Today’s mobile devices are increasingly phones, cameras and computers with GPS capability that provides location data. “The sum of all of that is a very interesting ad platform,” Schmidt said. Advertisers will be able to reach these consumers via mobile services that Google is developing, the most successful of which so far has been Google Maps…”We’ve been, internally, saying ‘mobile, mobile, mobile,’ and the simple reason is everyone here has a mobile phone,” he said. “Instead of saying ‘mobile, mobile, mobile,’ I should be saying ‘apps, apps, apps’.”

    The All Things Digital Blog has a summary of the talk, and the video below.

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    Samsung’s sexy K3 DAP

    There are some first-gen iPod Nano owners shouting “it’s a copy!” at the screen right now, and  know why.  Samsung’s K3 has the same mixture of sleek black and chrome, the same waifish profile and the same light weight.  And yet with it in my hand, it feels very different; the sharp edge of the chrome surround gives a sense of solidarity perhaps lacking in the Nano.  The screen, more oblong than square, looks better proportioned, and the electrostatic buttons sleek in their minimalism.  It’s a tenuous differentiation, and a subjective one certainly, but the K3 feels to me less toy-like.

     Samsung K3 DAP

    Installation is a breezy affair, as well it should be, as long as you have the requisite XP SP2 and Windows Media Player 10 (or higher); in use the Media Studio software does a decent job of organising not only your K3 and PC libraries but also burning CDs, building playlists and editing ID3 tags.  The player itself supports mp3, WMA and PlaysForSure subscription tracks such as those from Napster and Yahoo!, but you’ll be looking in vain for AAC playback or, for that matter, Mac compatibility full-stop.

    Samsung K3 - 6.95mm thick

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    Cingular, Verizon drop kids’ phones

    Both Cingular and Verizon Wireless have dropped their kid-friendly phones from their respective handset lineups. Verizon Wireless discontinued sales of its Migo phone, which LG makes and Cingular has phased out in-store sales of its Firefly phone. Verizon Wireless says parents prefer the LG 3450L to the Migo, partly because the Migo phone does not support text messaging. Cingular noted that it removed the Firefly phone from its retail locations, but that it’s still available for sale on its website.

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    QuickNotes today – Perfect Solution for writing notes quickly!

    This applications helps you to write notes in your own handwriting! You can easily note done phone numbers, shopping-lists, meetings, date etc. Moreover you can write easy notes without even starting any program.


    • Write directly on Today screen – no need to start any other application again
    • Resize the Quicknotes Today to get the height you want
    • Quick undo/redo
    • Select various styles of your pen
    • Select among multiple backgrounds (eg. yellow stickies, grid, lines…)
    • Lock up your notes
    • Set reminders

    Turn on your Pocket PC and write immediatly! Use your own handwriting and forget about small keyboards and fuzzy letter-recognizers.

    quicknotes-intro.gif      quicknotes-preview.gif

    Turn on your Pocket PC and write immediatly! Use your own handwriting and forget about small keyboards and fuzzy letter-recognizers and preview them quickly!

    quicknotes-alarm.gif        quicknotes-screenlock.gif

     Never forget anything again with the alarm-feature! You can also Lock the screen so that you don’t delete or modify your notes by accident

    Buy Quick Notes now and make your life simpler!


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    Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks- An ideal insight on Pocket PC!


    If you want to get a good insight into the many features and capabilities of a Pocket PC, simply get this program. Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks is the most complete collection of more than 200 tips and tricks and 40 tweaks on using the Pocket PC.

    What makes Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks the most complete and the most interesting to read collection of Pocket PC tips and tricks is the excellent team of professional Pocket PC authors that we have put together.

    For people who try to keep up with the ever-changing Pocket PC world, the names of our authors will speak volumes. Most of our authors are experts and gurus in the PDA world because they maintain or, at least, regularly contribute for the most popular Pocket PC related websites, such as,,, and other.

    Sample Tips & Tricks:

    • Find out how to enter text much faster by seting the right options
    • Learn how to store more music on an SD card without quality loss
    • You can watch DVDs on your Pocket PC without expensive converters
    • View all, not just one, of your upcoming appointments on your Today screen
    • Get access to your most important documents in just two taps
    • Narrow down your scrollbars to get more viewable area in Pocket Word and Excel
    • Password protection does not wholly protect your data from intruders
    • – read these and 190+ more tips in Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks –


    200+ Tips and Tricks In 13 Topics

    All tips and tricks are divided into 13 main topics or chapters that cover the most important aspects of effective use of the Pocket PC. These topics are:

    • Accessories
    • ActiveSync
    • Bluetooth
    • Clean and Repair
    • GPS
    • Input Methods
    • Multimedia
    • PIM
    • Personalization
    • Phone Edition
    • Pocket Office
    • Security
    • WiFi

    Tweaks The program includes more than 40 system tweaks that help to use undocumented Pocket PC features like installing CAB files to a storage card, showing date on the taskbar, renaming storage card folder, disabling start menu animation, changing all system fonts and colors, etc.


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    Ocean the new king of Helio

    All hail the new king of Helio’s lineup: “Ocean.” That ain’t really hyperbole, either; the Pantech-sourced device first seen in the FCC’s claws a few months back easily has enough tricks up its sleeve to put it atop Helio’s already impressive stable of featurephones. Most striking, of course, is the dual-slide design with QWERTY in one direction and numeric in the other — a first, as best we can tell — that gives users the best of both worlds without compromising much girth (21.8mm to be exact). Other unique goodies include a contact list with integrated “presence detection” showing contacts’ statuses on a variety of instant messaging services, Exchange Server integration (!) for the suits out there, and a click-free web search mechanism — users simply begin typing from their home screen to seek out sites. The Ocean will rock out to tunes for a claimed 15 hours (pretty frickin’ impressive if that figure holds up), offer 200MB of internal storage with microSD expansion, a 2 megapixel cam, and stereo Bluetooth support. Look for it to start showing up on shelves before summer sets in for $295.

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    Earthlink unveils WiFi phone beta in Anaheim, CA

    Earthlink’s finally ready to publicly discuss the WiFi phone beta they’ve been running in Anaheim California — well, kind of. They didn’t exactly have much to say about the service because it’s in beta, but we know that officially exists, and that should be enough, right? We’d love a closer look at the Accton phone they’re using for this thing, but we know the type, and something tells us it’s not exactly going to have an ancillary HSDPA for 3G SIP or anything.

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    The Tell-Time Shirt

    Digital Clock T-Shirt (Image courtesy Latest Buy)This Digital Clock T-Shirt is the perfect solution for anyone who hates to wear watches but still always needs to know what time it is. (And also doesn’t carry a cellphone, watch TV, listen to the radio, use a computer and lives in the desert.)

    Coming only in black the Digital Clock T-Shirt has an electro-luminescent panel on the front that displays the current time in glowing green numbers. And if the static display doesn’t fit your style you can select up to 8 different flashing patterns or even switch it to a stopwatch mode.

    Want a new way to carry your iPod Shuffle? Check out the iShirt,  


    The shirt is powered by 4 AA AAA batteries which reside in a small, discreet pocket inside the shirt and will last between 12-36 hours depending on the flashing mode selected. And not surprisingly the shirt is hand-wash only.

    The Digital Clock T-Shirt is available from for $59.95.

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    Make Life Easier and More Productive with mobile applications!

    There are many mobile applications out there, but some are better than others. Good mobile applications are designed for people who are on the move. But when is a mobile application a good application for daily use? If you have to buy a mobile application, what are the important features and criteria to look for in such an application? In this article we show some of the common misconceptions developers have, the problems they cause for end-users and what to look for if you are buying an application.

    Not every mobile application is suitable for use in the real world

    Users want to access their data wherever they are. Applications on mobile devices allow you to access your data whenever you want. With the introduction of .Net it has become a lot easier to develop mobile applications. But have they become better applications because of this? Porting an application from the desktop to a mobile device is becoming easier every day, but simply porting the application is not providing the best application to the user. It seems that besides the normal expectations of desktop applications (response speeds, user friendliness, etc.) there are new demands. In my personal opinion, good mobile applications are more than simply providing the same functionality and quality that the desktop provides: it is about balancing the device limitation, user environment and the needs of the user into a very delicate mix that will become a well designed application which performs well when you use it in the real world.


    A good mobile application saves your time

    First of all, mobile applications should be designed to make your life easier. The application should save you time, effort or stress. This means that there is few room for duplication of data or operations on the device. Especially when the Windows Mobile platform provides a lot of services for you that are standard for every device. When the application does not integrate completely with these services, you end up duplicating information by hand. Most notorious are the contacts: some mail applications and navigation applications, both thriving on addresses of people you already know lack the integration with your addressbook, forcing you to enter these items by hand. This results in a lot of wasted energy and time. Another example can be found in your calendar: some applications deal with a certain type of time management, but ignore the build-in calendar. There are numerous applications that allow you to track time or usage of time including travel planners and work out planners that ignore to integrate into your calendar by reading or creating calendar appointments. In the end, this forces you to duplicate your efforts: you have to copy data from one application to the other on the same device. This results in time being wasted and mistakes being made while the user is really trying to do something else.

    Few Productivity Applications

    Good mobile applications promote the feeling of freedom

    One of the most appealing aspects of mobile devices is the idea of freedom: do what you want to do, when you want to do it, whenever you want to do it. This is partially because of commercials showing people being happy with internet and e-mail in the most exotic places. In the end we expect to be independent of fixed infrastructure. Every extra dependency which is introduced by an application can hamper the feeling of freedom. If an application becomes dependent of an internet connection you simply get the feeling that you have traded your dependency on a desktop into the dependency of specific (wireless) infrastructure. Nothing can be more annoying to a user than being in need of certain information and having to conclude that the dependency on internet or desktop blocks obtaining that information.

    Best selling applications to enhance your lifestyle

    Mobile applications should fit the user more closely than a desktop application

    One of the biggest challenges for mobile applications is coping with the context and the user. Shrinking the desktop application to a smaller screen is not what constitutes a good mobile device. In sharp contrast to what software developers seem to think, mobile devices are not only used in office environments. In office environments, the user has all the time and precision to deal with the quirks of an application.

    Great applications to improve your business

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    Youpark & Dangaard Partnered

    youpark.jpg                  Dangaard

    Dangaard Telecom enters into cooperation with Mobile Weaver ApS for the purpose of providing its customers with an extra value add through a customized White Label application web- and wapshop solution.

    Youpark, a complete content delivery and content management platform provides Youpark White Label Solution, a fully customized mobile content and delivery engine with support for web, WAP and ODPs .

    The mobile phone is no longer just a phone, but to a higher extent a work and entertainment medium. Mobile software applications, including various games and programmes, are emerging as a key requirement of advanced mobile phone users. With a White Label application shop solution from Dangaard Telecom, – retailers, MVNO’s, and operators are guaranteed a foothold in this new market and are thus able to offer their customers access to a new and exciting world of software applications. With a limited use of resources, Dangaard Telecom’s customers are able to assert themselves in this market and achieve further earnings on mobile content.


    Dangaard Telecom offers its customers a White Label application web- and wapshop solution. The solution will be adjusted in accordance with the logo of the customers; similar the product range will be tailored in keeping with the customer’s business needs. The product range is based on an application catalogue which constantly will be updated by Dangaard Telecom’s cooperation partner, Mobile Weaver, ensuring that the newest applications are available. The dynamics of the web- and wapshops make certain that the interest of the end user is maintained via the supply of games and programmes. Today the Mobile Weaver solution already provides access to several exciting applications. It is easy to implement in the present business, and requires almost no maintenance, as Dangaard Telecom and Mobile Weaver will take care of this. At the same time Dangaard Telecom offers all customers a pre-installation of a thin client, a shop application installed directly on the mobile phone and thus making it even easier for the end users to gain access to the numerous programmes. In other words, Dangaard Telecom’s customers will get an easy solution to enter the application market for the new mobile phones.


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