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Apple Announces Best Quarter Ever

Apple released record Q4 results as profits climbed to $1.58 billion. CEO Steve Jobs said he was “thrilled” to report that the fourth quarter was the company’s “best quarter ever,” with the highest revenue and earnings in Apple’s history.

Profits for the quarter were $1.76 per share, up by more than 50% from the same quarter last year. The company posted revenue of $9.6 billion, with sales outside the United States accounting for 45%.

Sales of Macintosh computers were up 44% from the last quarter of 2006, and Apple reported an increase of 17% on iPod sales. The company also reported sales of 2.32 million iPhones during the quarter. Jobs said that the company has sold more than 4 million iPhones since the device’s launch.

But the company predicted less than dazzling Q1 results, which led to a drop of as much as 10% for the company’s stock. Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced conservative expectations for Q1, saying the company anticipates per-share earnings of 94 cents on revenues of $6.8 billion in the first three months of 2008.

Though these conservative estimates do not spell impending doom for the hip tech company, Carl Gressum, senior analyst at Ovum, warns, “A recession could also spell problems…So even though Apple is doing very well, it has been riding the wave of economic boom.  If this comes to a halt, so could Apple.”


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Are iPhone Apps Junking up the Web?

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why can’t iPhone developers just write programs that you could install directly onto the handset? Simple: Apple has yet to cough up a toolkit that would let coders to write software for the iPhone. “In essence,” Gilbertson writes, “Apple has forced a third tier of websites [in addition to standard HTML and WAP] on the world by failing to provide developers with an alternative means of creating applications on the iPhone

On Wired’s Compiler blog, writer Scott Gilbertson likens the recent glut of just-for-iPhone Web sites to a debacle from way back in 1997: sites that were “optimized” for the special, non-HTML-compliant features of Internet Explorer 4, and therefore incompatible with Netscape (IE’s nemesis during the bloody browser wars of the 90’s). 

Gilbertson’s post raises other interesting points: for example, why have these iPhone-optimized sites at all, when the iPhone’s Safari browser promised us “the Internet in your pocket”? Yeah, the iPhone is EDGE-only, but the standard HTML Facebook loads almost perfectly (and in less than a minute) on my iPhone—way better (and faster) than it ever would on my 3G-enabled Treo 700p. And Gilbertson points out that most of these iPhone “apps” aren’t really applications at all: “They just offer the same content as the normal sites, just optimized for the iPhone.”

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