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Did Microsoft Update caused problemsi Skype

The theory about Microsoft updates causing the Skype problem didn’t mean other operating systems weren’t affected, such as the Mac.

The theory was that a Microsoft update somehow changed the TCP stack or changed how the Microsoft operating system interacted with Skype. Let’s assume the vast majority of Windows users set their patch to auto-install. Then let’s assume Skype is 80-90% Windows users. That means that a lot of Windows users installed the patch last night and lots of Windows supernodes could be knocked offline.

The side effect would be that without enough Windows supernodes, Mac users would be booted as well. Though you’d think the network would be flexible enough to handle millions of Windows users knocked offline.

Again, this was just a theory. It more likely has to do with something Skype is doing on their network.

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Microsoft Damage award voided by court

 Federal district court judge delivered a major setback to Alcatel-Lucent by setting aside a jury’s judgment against Microsoft in a patent infringement lawsuit over digital music technology.

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Microsoft t spend 1Billion on xbox

According to AP there is another setback for Microsoft Corp.’s unprofitable entertainment and devices division, the company says it is planning to spend at least $1 billion to repair serious problems with its Xbox 360 video game console.

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Google Asks Court to extend

Google has asked that the consent decree governing the antitrust settlement between the Department of Justice and Microsoft be extended. Citing concerns over how Microsoft has handled the desktop search function in Vista, Google told the judge that “more may need to be done to provide a truly unbiased choice of desktop search products.” The request comes just a couple of weeks after Google filed an antitrust complaint asking that the DoJ force Microsoft to alter Vista’s desktop search behavior. In the confidential complaint, Google argued that Microsoft’s search could not be be turned off and made indexing by rival programs (such as Google’s) much more difficult.

Google’s request for the Department of Justice to extend its oversight of Microsoft comes less than a week after Microsoft announced that it was going to make some changes to the default search option in Vista. The company agreed to allow users to specify which program they want to use to perform desktop searches, but that Vista would still retain its own built-in search results in the upper right-hand corner of the explorer window

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Google Stares Down Microsoft And Wins

micogoogle.pngFew un anounced changes are to be made in vista.

 Microsoft has agreed to make changes to Vista in response to a complaint by Google alleging that Vista’s inbuilt search functionality competed unfairly with Google Desktop Search.

According to a NY Times report, Google’s complaint was made confidentially in line with rules established as part of a previous settlement over anti-competitive behaviour by Microsoft. The settlement between state prosecutors, the Justice Department and Microsoft will avert the prospect of litigation over the matter.

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Microsoft will stop shipping OEM Office 2003

goodbye to office 2003

Microsoft will soon stop shipping the OEM version of Office 2003. As of June 30, 2007 Microsoft will no longer be shipping OEM Office 2003 to any distributors. Any current inventory the distributors have on hand can still be sold, but future OEM Office purchases will be Office 2007.

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