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Nokia Launches the 500 Auto Navigation Kit

The world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer announced its latest hands-free product, the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation kit. The 500 kit is the company’s first hands-free personal navigation device for in-car navigation, including a Bluetooth hands-free system compatible with a user’s mobile phone.


With its 4.3-inch color screen, the 500 Auto Navigation kit makes it easy to view pre-installed maps, travel information, search through contact lists and make and receive calls. Equipped with high-sensitivity GPS and Nokia Maps navigation software, the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation gives clear spoken and visual turn-by-turn directions.


The integration between the device’s navigation and communication features sends users contact details for points of interest along the way, so customers can call sites directly. Users can also get directions to addresses stored in their phones. The device also comes with Traffic Message Channel Service, to help users avoid traffic jams and advanced entertainment features, including an integrated music player and photo and video viewing options.

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Nokia wants our brainstormed ideas for finding best applications

According to mobilemonday Forum Nokia launched in July is a global campaign for finding new mobile applications and business plans. The ‘Mobile Rules!’ competition is its second year.

Last years Web2Mobile’ is now ‘Mobile Rules. Nokia has partnered several venture capital and media companies to comb the world for best new ideas. The organizers promise the winners contracts or cash prizes.

The competition is divided into two ‘tracks’.

1) The first is for qualified developers working on mobile applications for Nokia platforms in four categories: ‘multiplayer and connected games’, ‘multimedia’, ‘enterprise’ and ‘infotainment’.

2) Aimed at entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups and academic institutions and is for business plans in the mobile space, both those designed specifically for mobile devices and those that make existing static businesses mobile.

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