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Samsung has announced the G800,5-Megapixel Cameraphone

Samsung has announced the G800, what it calls the world’s first 5-megapixel cameraphone with 3X optical zoom. The handset also includes other high-end digital camera features such as panorama shots, multishots and macro-shots, as well as a video editing application so users can easily cut, paste and edit their own films from their handsets. The G800 also includes face detection and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) features.

Designed for 2-handed grip when taking pictures, the G800’s 2.4-inch QVGA LCD display allows users to view the screen like a digital camera. The 3X optical zoom is an inner zoom, so that the lens does not extend outside the body of the phone.



“As multi-megapixel cameraphone becomes more and more popular, the needs of actual digital camera-like features grow together. Samsung’s G800 will satisfy the unmet needs in the camera category with a true digital camera-like design and functionality,” Geesung Choi, president of Samsung’s Telecommunication Network, said in a statement. “The G800 will enable users to capture and share precious moments in their daily lives through the enhanced camera functions in a fast 3G network.”

The Samsung G800 will be available in Europe beginning next month.

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Samsung Announces GPS Navigator Smartphone Based on Symbian OS

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Symbian Limited today announced the Samsung i550, Samsung’s first GPS navigator equipped smartphone at the Smartphone Show in London, UK. Packed with multimedia capabilities and fast Internet speed, the Samsung i550 is the latest addition to the Symbian smartphone family from Samsung Electronics.With a candy bar-type design, the new Samsung i550 is based on Symbian OS v9.2 and is on display at the Samsung stand at the Symbian Smartphone Show. Also based on S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1, Samsung i550 users can choose from thousands of applications from the S60 applications library and have access to their favorites by using dedicated hot keys. With the GPS navigator function, voice activated turn-by-turn guidance makes it easy for car drivers to find directions while pedestrian mode offers specific locations and directions at walking speeds.

Web browsing and access to Web 2.0 services are made easy on the Samsung i550 as it’s based on HSDPA 3.6 Mbps and has full browsing with a high capacity memory of 128 MB RAM. Viewing and surfing web content becomes more convenient through trackball navigation and a 2.6″ optimized LCD. The SGH-i550 includes a 3.2 megapixel camera with video editing functionality. It features 150MB of internal user memory and an FM radio.

The Samsung -i550 will be available in Europe from November 2007.

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The Verizon Wireless Gleam by Samsung


Verizon Wireless and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung) today announced the Verizon Wireless Gleam by Samsung — a shiny thin clamshell with a new living wallpaper user interface — is now available.


The Gleam’s outside is a glossy metallic bronze and black and houses a sleek silver keypad. The new living wallpaper capability allows Verizon Wireless customers to easily see the phone’s status with either a city or country view that changes with the time of day. The Gleam’s other features include.

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Samsung introduces touch screen


Samsung has recently introduced EZON (SHS-1110) touchscreen door locks which is designed with aluminum-alloy construction and black colored tempered glass with touch sensor.its nice one good looking in display. It is priced at $180

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Power failure screws samsung prodcution


An electrical problem at a Samsung Electronics Co. factory Friday forced a partial halt in production at the world’s largest memory chip maker, the company said, raising prospects of a global shortage.

According to yahoo A spark in an electrical transformer led to a power failure on six chip-making lines at a plant near Seoul, spokeswoman Lee Soo-jeong said. Five of the lines make memory chips and one makes chips for other functions, he said.

Samsung is the world’s largest producer of memory chips for use in computers, digital music players and other devices.

Analysts said the suspension of Samsung’s chip lines could lead to a severe shortage of NAND flash memory chips, which are able to retain data even when they are unpowered. Samsung’s misfortune could give a boost to its South Korean rival Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and Japan‘s Toshiba Corp

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Twist and shout, the Samsung X830 reviewed

Samsung X830

Slashphone has just put up their review of the curiously twisty phone/MP3 player. The verdict? Ok.

According to the review, those that seek slim phones, like to extract “oohs and ahs” from passerbys, and those who like to take pictures, this is for you. If you are a mad texter, maybe not. Then there is the ergonomic factor.

via Gadgetel

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Tune up your style with the new Samsung SGH D840!


The D840 is a slider and it isn’t all that different in size and shape from LG’s Shine. Like the Shine the D840 is sliver, though there is less metal going on here with much of the casing on the D840’s sides and back made of plastic. Only the front sliding section incorporates significant amounts of metal.

Overall, the D840’s dimensions (99mm x 51mm x 11.9mm) make it a fairly sizeable ask for a pocket, though its 104g is nice and light. When you open the slider to get at the numberpad the D840 grows to 132m – quite a chunk of phone to hold to your ear.
As sliders go the D840 is nice enough to use. There is a little ridge just below the screen which you can grab with a thumb and the slide mechanism itself is ‘assisted’ so you don’t have to hoik at it – just a gentle push or pull is all that’s required.

The front screen is a fairly standard 240 x 320 pixel 262,000 colour job, but Samsung, as ever, ensures it is clear and bright. I did have a bit of trouble framing photos and generally reading the screen outdoors in bright sunshine, but that’s nothing new for a mobile really. On a purely personal note, I like Samsung’s poppy wallpaper – its vibrant red just makes the screen look so appealing, and the date and time are nice and large so they can be seen at a glance.

Beneath the screen the front buttons are a fairly standard bunch but nicely designed and easy to use. The Call and End/power keys and softmenu keys are large. Under the navigation button is a long, thin delete key, and the navigation button itself has a central select key which doubles to start the Internet browser running.

This is a Tri-band handset with GPRS rather than a 3G so you won’t be wanting to Web browse a great deal. If you do decide to drop into the odd website, there is mixed news. The browser has two viewing options: ‘SmartFit view’ and ‘Desktop view’. The former does what it can to squeeze sites so that only vertical scrolling is needed but it isn’t always effective. In fact, the Desktop view did a better job with some sites.

Look out for some popular mobile application and games for Samsung SGH D840

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