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Vopium for Nokia Mobile

Vopium has released world’s first Mobile VoIP application to on BlackBerry App World however it has already release its Iphone and Symbian versions. Vopium wonders its  cost savings package  for mobile users up to 90%  whether making an international call or sending an SMS.  If you choose to make the call through Vopium you will pay the domestic tariff along with a tariff for the call abroad, which is up to 90 % cheaper than what the regular mobile operators are charging. This is because Vopium automatically transfers the call to a much cheaper line of the same quality. Minutes can be pre-paid through the internet and can be paid with all major credit cards.
The Vopium solution automatically re-routes calls via the cheapest available route, ensuring that customers are always able to save money when calling international numbers. The Vopium application can be downloaded directly without any hassle.SYMBIAN_11_251
How to download Vopium on Nokia 
• Send an SMS to 1231 by writing Vopium in the text area you will receive two SMS’s, the first SMS entails your Registered Username and your Portal Password and the second SMS would contain link to download Vopium Application in your Handsets.
• Open the SMS text message. You will see a web link; Click on the link.
• After that following screen will appear while opening link.
• It will start downloading the application in your hand set.
• Your screen will display Install Vopium? Select Yes to continue.
• Press Continue to complete the installation.
• Then it will ask that where you want to save it in Phone memory or in Memory card Select where you want to save.
• It will show Resources Usage message press Yes or No. Installation process is complete now you are ready to use Vopium.
Currently Vopium is offering Free 30 Minutes of International calls with 30 SMS for Free. For more details visit:
How do I make calls with Vopium?
Simply go to your contacts and select the person you want to call (or dial the number manually) and your international call will go through Vopium.
NOTE: Make sure the destination number is in the correct international format, country code first (for example, +45 before 12345678).

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Alltel launches LG Glimmer

Alltel Wireless and LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., Inc. (LG Mobile Phones) announced that the highly anticipated GlimmerTM by LG will be exclusively available in Alltel retail stores and online at beginning March 13. With a slide-out keypad and touch-screen interface, the LG Glimmer incorporates traditional phone functions with the latest multimedia features.The LG Glimmer is loaded with a 2 MP camera with video capabilities, an MP3 player with customizable equalizer, an expandable memory slot and is GPS capable. This slick phone is rich with several of Alltel’s Axcess applications including Alltel Navigation, Axcess Search, CityID and Axcess TV. In addition, users can listen to their favorite music while utilizing other multimedia features on the phone, such as taking photos, recording video or sending text messages. The Glimmer also features 3D graphics support and 128MB of internal memory.

“With touch-screen phones revolutionizing wireless, the LG Glimmer from Alltel has an innovative new touch interface while offering the convenience of a slide-out physical keypad,” states Brian Ullem, vice president of device strategy for Alltel Wireless. “Its large display and multimedia capabilities allow our customers to access and manage their video and music with a simple touch.”

“Consumers will appreciate the durable metal body of this elegant, user-friendly mobile phone,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, vice president of product strategy & marketing at LG Mobile Phones. “With its slim form factor and large sliding touch screen the Glimmer by LG is another example of forward-thinking technology and design.”

Alltel Wireless is offering the Glimmer by LG for $249.99 after a $100 mail-in-rebate. This discounted price is available to new customers who sign-up for a two-year service agreement and to existing eligible customers on qualifying rate plans. All Alltel customers who purchase the LG Glimmer and are on a qualifying rate plan are able to receive “My Circle,” Alltel’s exclusive calling feature allowing customers to receive unlimited calling to any five, 10 or 20 numbers, any network. In addition, Alltel was the first to offer Anytime Plan Changes, giving customers the flexibility to change their calling plans at any time, without extending their current contract.

The LG Glimmer also supports Alltel’s new service, Axcess Voice2TXT. The service, which is available on any Alltel Wireless SMS text message capable phone, quickly converts incoming voicemails to text messages in the customer’s inbox and also allows customers to store and forward converted voicemails as regular text messages. For more information on this innovative feature, please

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Microsoft responds to Yahoo! rejection

Microsoft issued the following statement in response to the announcement by Yahoo! Inc. that its Board of Directors has rejected Microsoft’s previously announced proposal to acquire Yahoo!:It is unfortunate that Yahoo! has not embraced our full and fair proposal to combine our companies. Based on conversations with stakeholders of both companies, we are confident that moving forward promptly to consummate a transaction is in the best interests of all parties.

We are offering shareholders superior value and the opportunity to participate in the upside of the combined company. The combination also offers an increasingly exciting set of solutions for consumers, publishers and advertisers while becoming better positioned to compete in the online services market.

A Microsoft-Yahoo! combination will create a more effective company that would provide greater value and service to our customers. Furthermore, the combination will create a more competitive marketplace by establishing a compelling number two competitor for Internet search and online advertising.

The Yahoo! response does not change our belief in the strategic and financial merits of our proposal. As we have said previously, Microsoft reserves the right to pursue all necessary steps to ensure that Yahoo!’s shareholders are provided with the opportunity to realize the value inherent in our proposal.

On February 1, 2008, Microsoft announced a proposal to acquire all the outstanding shares of Yahoo! common stock for per share consideration of $31 representing a total equity value of approximately $44.6 billion and a 62 percent premium above the closing price of Yahoo! common stock based on the closing prices of the stocks of both companies on Jan. 31, 2008, the last day of trading prior to Microsoft’s announcement. Microsoft’s proposal would allow the Yahoo! shareholders to elect to receive cash or a fixed number of shares of Microsoft common stock, with the total consideration payable to Yahoo! shareholders consisting of one-half cash and one-half Microsoft common stock.

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Unlock iPhone

iPhone Unlocked!


It looks like there are some tried and true unlocked iPhones out there. First, Engadget witnessed a full SIM unlock of an iPhone with a small piece of software created by the team, and claim that they’re officially the first to break Apple’s SIM locks on the AT&T iPhone. You can see the T-Mobile logo at the top left corner of the image above, but watch Engadget’s video as well. So, is’s software solution the first to completely unlock the iPhone? Not according to an Associated Press article that claims 17-year-old hacker George Hotz of Glen Rock, N.J. has unlocked an iPhone and is using it on T-Mobile’s network. The teen hacker’s blog has the details of a summer spent figuring out how to unlock the Apple iPhone, and as you would expect, it wasn’t easy. We’ll have to see how Apple and At&t respond.



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Nokia and Microsoft colleborate to offer Windows Live

Putting aside their differences, Nokia and Microsoft announced that they will collaborate to bring specially designed Windows Live services to Nokia handsets. Customers with compatible S60 phones in 11 countries, starting today, will be able to download the suite, which includes Windows Live, Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger.


Series 40 phones will be able to download services later this year or early next year.Windows Live initially will be offered as a free trial, with certain markets eventually being charged a monthly fee for the service. Microsoft will continue to develop Windows Live for its own Windows Mobile operating system.


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professional, travel, lifestyle and more MOBILE SOFTWARES


Thousands of Mobile Games and Softwares free and Paid try now @

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The Smooth New Nokia 6555

Nokia announced its latest 3G handset, the 6555. The WCDMA flip phone is built smooth with a recessed hinge that creates a seamless line when open. It comes with a QVGA 16-million color internal display, a large 240×320 screen, camera with 6X zoom and video-sharing capabilities. The 6555 also comes with 30 MB of data storage and Bluetooth. It also comes in quad band GSM.


“Mobile-savvy consumers expect superior quality and design. We understood that need, and so created the Nokia 6555,” Markku Suomi, product group director for Nokia Mobile Phones, said in a statement.

The Nokia 6555 will be available within the next month at an estimated retail price of $269

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Nokia into fesion – Nokia unveils fashion phones

Nokia UK director of communications Mark Squires said: “Fashion has always been important to us. It’s nice to see other manufacturers copying what we’re doing in terms of their fashion launches. But whereas many of them have worked with big brands, we’ve relied on our own brand and the strength of our design team.”
Nokia’s new ‘Prism’ collection comprises the prepay 7500, priced around £125, and the contract 7900, retailing around £240, but free on contract. They feature angular designs and diamond-shaped keys.
Squires said: “These are not for the Christmas market as such; they are for the fashion market, but that hots up at Christmas, so they will sell well throughout Q4.” nokia7500.jpg

The phones follow on the heels of the new Nokia 6500 ‘classic’, a candybar with a two-megapixel camera, and the 6500 ‘slide wrap’, a slider with a 3.2-megapixel camera. Its portfolio has also been boosted by the 6110 Navigator, which has fully integrated GPS.

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Fierce action in the Dark Future: Super free game for Nokia

Last War turned the City into a wasteland of ruins and radiation. Survivors renamed it Necropolis, the City of Dead. Hope still lingered in the settlement of Haven, until a deadly plague struck. Now Marshal Zek, their cyborg guardian, has to venture out into the surrounding urban wasteland. Zek is tough and upgrades can make him even tougher, but is he tough enough to survive the shadows of Necropolis?

Just Click the pic to enjoy this game , its nice one – free available at


CyberBlood by Rovio Mobile is a thrilling mobile game of intense action, epic conflict, and intrigue by both Man and Machine. Rich in detail and with parallax scrolling foreground and background, its world is a gigantic urban wasteland, where gangs and mutants fight with what little remains of the society in the form of settlements. Powerful and well-armed to begin with, the player can improve himself further by purchasing modules with special powers. Success depends on firepower, modules and a good choice of tactics.


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Mobile Advertising Reaches for the Sky

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the specifics, but nearly everyone thinks
the mobile world is a good one for some kind of advertising.

Mobile advertising seems to be an industry that’s about ready to explode, chasing the billions already being spent on Internet advertising. But mobility, although it has unmatched attractions for advertisers, also is a business very much in a state of flux. What has everyone so excited about mobile advertising is what has happened on the Internet. Ad spending on the Web is growing at a compound annual rate of 18.3% and will reach $73 billion in 2011, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The consultancy says Internet advertising will comprise 14% of the entire global advertising market by that year. 

Another research company, eMarketer, expects Internet ad spending in the United States to total $19.5 billion this year Nielsen NetRatings says the top 10 Internet advertisers in the United States spent $278.4 million in June alone, led by InterActive Corporation’s $47.2 million. Those numbers exclude search advertising, which is

 the fastest-growing segment of Internet advertising.

9-strategychart.gif If mobile advertising follows that spending curve, it’s no wonder the industry sees big things ahead. Strategy Analytics is forecasting advertisers will spend $1.4 billion on mobile media this year, with that rising to $14.4 billion in 2011. eMarketer says mobile ad spending reached $1.5 billion last year and will grow to $14 by 2011. 

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Rokin – Enter into Mobile Games Park


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Motorola joins mobile payments initiative

The GSM Association appears to be getting more industry support for its mobile payment initiative.  Announced at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, the Pay Buy Mobile project will allow for the purchases of goods and services by mobile phone. The GSMA advocates two options for mobile payments, which will probably complement each other: over-the-air (OTA) downloads and preloading encrypted credit card information from the bank on the phone’s SIM card.  

Now Motorola has announced that it will participate in all GSMA mobile payments trials. In addition, the company will provide feedback to the GSMA Near Field Communications Technical Guidelines white papers and work with standardization bodies to provide further input

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Google, what shall I do tomorrow?

In Eric Schmidt‘s mind, Google is still a dorkily utopian outfit that’s making the world better through technology. The search engine’s chief executive needs to get out more: Google’s growing power makes even the most well-meaning of plans look ominous. Asked by the Financial Times to look five years out, a tone-deaf Schmidt says: “The goal is to enable Google users to be able to ask the question such as ‘What shall I do tomorrow?’ and ‘What job shall I take?’” Answer, presumably: a job from one of the ten Google recruiters who harassed you yesterday.

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BenQ announces P860 8 megapixel, 6x zoom camera

BenQ recently announced a new 8 megapixel, 6x optical zoom lens point and shoot digital camera to replace the P500. Besides the impressive CCD and zoom lens, the P860 also comes with a roomy 2.5-inch LCD, and a manual mode for adjusting aperture and shutter settings, although things’ll take a turn for the worse when you notice its paltry 18 MB of integrated memory; the maximum ISO setting is only 1000 too, which is a fair bit under the 1600 ISO modes that are starting to creep into middle of the pack shooters. This little number runs off AAs — no rechargeables out of the box, boo — and can also shoot 30fps video at 640 x 480. So far BenQ has said that the P860 will only available in Italy, Spain, Russian, and China at the end of March, although we wouldn’t be surprised if that release gets an extension somewhere along the line.

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It’s time you moved to the best Award Winner….Spb Pocket Plus (Version 3.2)

Spb Pocket Plus is one of the most popular award winning application.The best selling system utility for Pocket PC. Winner of Pocket PC 2004 Awards as the best task manager which includes powerful Today plug-in with tabs and much much more!

Today Plug-In:

  • NEW! Integration with Spb Mobile Shell
  • Alpha channel support for Today Plug-in icons
  • Icons for most popular standard programs
  • Icons in Tabs
  • Plug-ins support
  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Large and small icons
  • Wholly customizable look-and-feel


Pocket Internet Explorer:

In Pocket Internet Explorer you will now see a new button in the toolbar. This is the Pocket Plus button that enables many of originally missing features. Tap this button and you will find in the context menu:

  • New window support.
  • Open link in background.
  • Close window support. Selecting this item closes either the current window only, or all active windows.
  • The list of active windows with the ability to switch between them.
  • The Save As… feature allows you to save the document in a separate file.
  • The View Source feature allows you to view the source code of the document.
  • The Full Screen support allows you to see the document in the full screen mode, without toolbars.


File Explorer: Find, use and enjoy the following new embedded features in the File Explorer.

  • ZIP support. You can now compress and decompress files, groups of files and folders.
  • File encryption support (using strong AES algorithm).
  • “Folder Up” button added.
  • Storage card format feature added.
  • You can now view and edit file and folder properties. Just tap-and hold on a desired object and select Properties from the context menu.


Enhance your device with this application and make it even more useful!


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